YouTube Drills Music Videos Related to Bristol Teen Knife Crime


A growing number of teenagers in the Bristol area are making music videos of exercises of themselves holding knives and other weapons and posting them on YouTube, police say.

Drill – originally a Chicago street slang term for shooting – is a form of rap music that focuses on crime and violence and is often used by competing gangs to threaten each other .

Avon and Somerset Police have noticed a recent increase in the number of young men taking exercise videos and have launched hot spot patrols to catch them and confiscate the weapons they carry, according to a senior officer from strength.

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Chief Inspector Dan Forster, zone commander for South Gloucestershire, told a local community safety group on Friday 8 October that the problem had surfaced in the past four or five months.

“We have a particularly difficult situation with young men who align themselves with gang culture and carry guns and knives,” he told members of the multi-agency strategic partnership South Gloucestershire Safer and Stronger Communities.

After the meeting, Ch Insp Forster told the Local Democracy Reporting Service that the force had recorded 82 gun possession offenses in the past 12 months in South Gloucestershire, a 5% increase from the previous 12 months.

Patrols intensified

“Over the past six months, we’ve seen an increase in the number of teens doing exercise videos that they post on YouTube,” he said.

“Some of these boys were from the South Glos area and were also committing offenses in Bristol city center.

“We have increased proactive patrols in South Glos and have recovered the weapons from some of these boys.

“We are working closely with the school and local authorities to identify those involved in the videos / possessing weapons and are actively seeking to educate and protect them and, if necessary / appropriate, take enforcement action.”

The hotspot’s patrols are funded by Interior Ministry “emergency” funding for severe violence, he said.

After hearing from Ch Insp Forster and an officer from South Gloucestershire Council, the strategic partnership body voted to transfer £ 24,700 from the Police and Crime Grant to the Council’s Violence Reduction Unit, following his earlier reassignment This year.

The Police and Crime Grant, worth £ 92,680 for this exercise, is being provided by the Police and Crime Commissioner of Avon and Somerset to support the work of the partnership.

Funding for the Violence Reduction Unit was reallocated to work to tackle anti-social behavior in March after an increase in neighborhood conflicts and youth groups gathering in public places despite current Covid restrictions at the time.

The partnership agreed to donate the money to the violence reduction unit on Friday after Philippa Isbell, team leader of the council for antisocial behavior and community safety, said her work “was suffering in terms of capacity. “.

Ch Insp Forster supported Ms Isbell’s request, saying that reports of antisocial behavior had decreased by 8% in South Gloucestershire in the past 12 months, compared to the previous 12 months, while violations related to weapons had increased by 5%.

“Successful” prevention

Ms Isbell said the violence reduction unit had “very successful” programs in place to prevent children and young people who engage in antisocial behavior from getting involved in serious violence.

The South Gloucestershire Safer and Stronger Communities Strategic Partnership is a statutory body tasked with fighting crime and disorder and improving community safety.

Its members include police, police and crime commissioner, council, fire service, fire service, the NHS clinical commissioning group as well as voluntary sector organizations.

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