We are building a unique music brand —ARB Music Band


Building a unique musical brand by creating a relatable and moving sound that not only entertains but inspires people is something that excites contemporary music group ARB as they continue to etch their name and songs in the minds of many. of those who follow their career.

The group consisting of Anthony Osunde (DrT), Odenose Dele-Damisa (ODI) and Ifeoluwa Adedeji (Ifektive) continued to entertain music lovers around the world with their unique approach to music, showing that they appreciate good music and want to replicate the same across the world with their group which has won recognition from far and near.

Talking about their rise and the feats they have achieved over the past few months, the group revealed during an interactive session that they are constantly inspired by the enormous love they receive from their fans, because it means that they must be on guard when sharing their God-given Talents with the world.

Speaking further about what makes the band unique; they described their style of music as Afro soul and Afro pop, saying they like to reflect societal challenges while paying attention to the fun part of their job.

From playing school gigs and churches to the big stage where they now work with top musical artists and music producers, they revealed there is a new musical collaboration with Goya Menor and famed producer, Hit Sound, describing the experience as amazing.

They also revealed plans on their next music video project just as they revealed that one of the famous Nigerian comedian Bovi is backing one of their upcoming music videos.

According to them, “It’s also an honor to have one of Nigeria’s finest comedians, Bovi, backing one of our upcoming music video projects.”

With seven years of professional music experience, they hinted at their plans to work with Grammy Award-winning Burna Boy on a song, “but it’s going to be strictly about the chemistry and the sound of the song,” they said. they added.



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