Top Tips for Buying Tickets to Music Shows and Concerts


Seeing your favorite singer or band in concert is, for many, a dream come true, but getting your hands on a ticket can be a nightmare.

Thousands of fans have to compete with each other, as well as bots and ticket resellers, for a limited number of tickets.

While some will be lucky, others will inevitably be disappointed.

Luckily, the ticket-buying experts at TicketSource have shared their top five tips for making sure you get tickets to in-demand concerts before they sell out.

Check out TicketSource’s tips below and we’ll see you front and center.

Preparation is key

“Before tickets go on sale, make sure you know the exact date and time that tickets will be available. Be sure to set any alarms or reminders for 5-10 minutes before tickets go on sale so that all relevant web pages are open and ready for the sale to begin.

“Make sure you know what types of tickets you want or where you want to sit so you can go through the ticket selection process efficiently and not waste your time paying,” say the buying experts at tickets.

“It’s also a good idea to create accounts for as many ticket retailers as possible and enter all of your information beforehand, including your address and payment information. This means that you can buy your tickets as quickly as possible.

Subscribe to all sales

“In addition to a general sale, shows and festivals often have a ticket presale, which provides multiple opportunities to buy the tickets you want.

“Sign up for any presales you are eligible for, such as ticket retailer or artist fan presales, usually available by signing up for accounts or their mailing lists.

“If you have friends or family who have access to the more exclusive presales, ask if they can try out tickets for you or if you can use their login details.”

Use all ticket retailers

Ticket buying experts say, “Usually, tickets for events will be available on multiple ticket retailer websites, so be sure to check in advance where tickets will be sold.

“When it comes to tickets going on sale, be sure to open multiple tabs and try all available ticket websites as this will increase your chances of getting them.”

They added: “Make sure you don’t refresh the page as this could cause you to lose your place in the queue – the retailer’s website will automatically refresh for you. Also avoid opening multiple tabs for the same ticket retailer, as this may imply that you are a bot and prevent you from accessing the website and purchasing tickets.

Do not abandon

“The ticket retailer will be the busiest once the tickets go on sale and all that traffic on the site can sometimes cause problems. Even if an event appears to be sold out on the ticketing site, that’s not always the case.

“Sometimes there is an error or the site traffic is too high and it may appear that tickets are not available – however, if this happens, be sure to keep checking and searching for tickets over the next hours. More tickets may appear and this could be your chance to secure them.

Second chance tickets

Finally, TicketSource states, “If you missed getting tickets for any reason, all hope is not lost. Ticketing apps like DICE often have waiting lists for events you can attend. So if ticket holders return their ticket, you have a chance to grab one.

“There are also apps like Twickets, which allow ticket holders to sell their tickets to other people for face value, outside of the app fee.

“Try to avoid ticket resale websites that don’t cap prices at original face value, as you may end up paying far more than the actual ticket price and will often contribute to ticket sales.”


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