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Editor’s Note: Central Oregon receives more than its fair share of major touring acts, as well as local musicians, on its stages. To help us remember some of the best nights out in live music, we tapped into someone who attends more than his fair share of shows: local DJ Mike Thomas, whom I join every Thursday on his morning show on 92.9 FM. But because I also see more than my fair share, I also made an addition to this list …

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Gogol Bordello

Midtown Ballroom, February 23

We’ve had a lot of big names of all genres at Bend this year. In fact, there have been several stretches over a few weeks that would have made an entire year of shows a decade ago. But one show under the radar deserves to be mentioned is Gogol Bordello. It was a fun night for everyone on stage and in the crowd! Hope the sound guys had a blast too.

molly’s flogging

Midtown Ballroom, scheduled for March 24

The best gig no one saw was Flogging Molly. The cancellation of this show due to bad weather and roads was a serious disappointment for so many fans. We have been eagerly awaiting their return to Bend since they performed the station’s first anniversary show. The group was also disappointed. They will be back soon, we hope!

Marty O’Reilly and the Old Soul Orchestra (addition of the editor to this list)

Volcanic Theater Pub, April 12

Ah, memories … Go see a Marty O’Reilly show, they said. You won’t be disappointed, they said. And I wasn’t. With a mix of Delta blues, soul, jazz and funk, lots of haunting strings, and a fun stage personality, I’m checking our schedule right now to see if he’s back in Bend and when.


GoodLife Brewing Company, June 21 and Oregon Spirit Distillers, June 22

Floater at Oregon Spirit Distillers and GoodLife Brewing were rare outdoor shows for them in Bend. They thrived in the early summer sun. A fun and humble band that put on a great rock show. The crowd was more enthusiastic about Floater than the headlining group.

The poor man’s whiskey

4Peaks Music Festival, June 23

Poor Man Whiskey Saturday at 4 Peaks had a power failure, losing the amplified sound. Members of other bands came to help, everyone grabbing acoustic instruments and anything that could make noise to repeatedly play from the crowd to make sweet-sounding lemonade from technically difficult lemons.

Social distortion

Midtown Ballroom, July 8

Social Distortion was back in Midtown this summer for another sold-out show. I’m all for bringing in more artists who haven’t performed here, and I think there are bands that could rely on Bend for a concert season, but Social D isn’t the one. one of these groups.


Les Schwab Amphitheater, August 5

The Pixies were one of the first groups to play the Schwabs. Their return to the stage with opener Sleigh Bells was fun and energetic. The crowd got to see a band that influenced famous bands that are no longer around browse their catalog, showing why they are so admired.

Dwight Yoakam

Oregon Spirit Distillers, August 23

When I was first asked what I thought of Dwight Yoakam playing Oregon Spirit Distillers, I couldn’t answer, “Yes! Please ! It would be amazing! ” quite fast. Or quickly like you …

Shaking his hand is one of my favorite moments in my career. Cowboys, hipsters and everyone else came together to witness this living legend.

Portugal! The man

Les Schwab Amphitheater, August 31

Portugal! The Man immediately had fun releasing all of their songs on the radio, including the hugely popular “Feel It Still”, “so all parents can come home early.” The Portland band’s music chops, lighting, videos and other stage effects made it possible to have a fun Labor Day Friday on the Les Schwab stage.

Children of the Cold War

Oregon Spirit Distillers, September 1

While this spectacle has diminished in scale and bombast compared to the previous night with Portugal! The Man, this talented group brought the best of their hits and songs to sing. The opening night, Daysormay, also impressed everyone who showed up early.

Dead south

Fall Festival, October 6

I was late to the party on Dead South, but was relieved to find out about them before they played Fall Fest. They completely met my expectations. This whole festival with both the main stage and the local scene was solid, topped off by this fun band.


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