This artificial intelligence software creates music videos from lyrics


You may have heard plenty of rumors about an impending AI-generated “universe” where people can launch it into the Matrix, basically, with little more than just a pair of VR headsets to guide them. . But forget all that chatter, because now something much better is possible: AI-based software now creates new videos for your favorite songs.

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As classic rock reports, it looks a bit like this: the software is programmed to generate visuals based on the text given to it to summarize. For example, enter the lyrics of Cult of the blue oysters “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” with a handful of interpretive audio cues (i.e. “bell”, “instrumental bridge”), and the software spits out completely new and totally modern visuals based on the data entered.

Once you have the footage, damn it, it’s half the video! Apply OG audio to the new graphics using any basic editing program and soCult of the blue oyster comes to you directly with a 21st century video for “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”.

And the results? It’s a crazy video filled with corpse brides, baby zombies, bleeding hearts and lots of grim reapers. Needless to say, you may never hear this song again and not think of a rainy apocalypse scorching the Earth. You can check out the video below.

Of course, AI has its skeptics (like me, content to stay out of the metaverse). But this is one area where my bang-influenced brain sends my cognitive functions racing and embracing the new digital age. Well… sort of. But, imagine my joy, then, when I found several other video offerings, including pink floydit’s time”, Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” and Metallic“Enter Sandman.” Check out some of the best takes below. I still think they are 1000% cooler than Mark’s Magic Kingdom!

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