These Iconic Music Videos Made Everyone’s Jaws Drop


Music videos are never just an accessory to a song, sometimes they are all the best. Fans can imagine how many songs would have gone down the road of oblivion if it weren’t for the bold, daring, or mega-outrageous music videos that were the song’s best accomplice.

Sometimes an audiovisual is exactly what is needed to convey the message behind the song, other times it is exactly what is needed to turn it into an anthem. Other times, pure art must transcend one format and manifest powerfully in another.

Fans certainly remember the very first time they saw their idols on screen or on MTV, from Fergie to Michael Jackson or Destiny’s Child, those moments are practically childhood or teenage memories and have shaped most of the personalities of his audience. Here’s a look at some of the most iconic music videos that forever changed the world of entertainment and culture.


8/8 Britney Spears’ Toxic music video is one of the books

Over the years, Spears has proven she’s more than just a legendary pop starbut fans can never get over this iconic moment from 2003. The song was originally written for Janet Jackson, then passed on to Kylie Minogue before the Queen of Pop made it what it is today. The song earned Britney Spears a Grammy for Best Dance/Electronic Recording and many other accolades.

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7/8 Beyoncé called and all the single women answered

Even though his album Renaissance receives mixed reviews, in 2008, Beyoncé released the song and music video that changed bachelorette parties and girls’ nights out forever. The iconic dance in this black and white clip went viral and remains a huge cultural reference to this day. It also sparked rumors such as this dance choreographer JaQuel Knight, was part of the video, which turned out to be completely fake.

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6/8 Michael Jackson’s thriller made a Halloween revolution

Of course, this entry is the one to be on any list that talks about music video legends, and it’s definitely one of Michael Jackson’s most important. most important music videos of his career. The song and the clip were released in 1982, when Jackson was only 24and immediately rocked the world for its innovative concept and heart-pounding dance sequences.

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5/8 Bohemian Rhapsody makes music queen

The final keyframe that kicks off the video with the band members’ faintly lit silhouettes walking through the darkness is a sight etched in music history. The video then brilliantly fleshes out the spirit of the band and the song by showing them on stage performing in front of the adoring masses. According To dig! this song is a big deal because“Queen created a song that changed the very concept of what a rock n’ roll band could do…”

4/8 Miley Cyrus arrived like a wrecking ball

Released in 2013 and with an outstanding 1.1 billion views to her name, Miley Cyrus really took a wrecking ball to her former Disney star image with the release of this video. Shocking everyone, the video is very provocative showing the almost naked singer actress licking a hammer and riding a real wrecking ball. Another controversy was singer Sinead O’Conner claiming that Miley ripped out her “Nothing Compares 2 U” music video due to the similar close-up style in photography.

3/8 Life on Mars? Bowie made him the fascinating force that he is

Fans love David Bowie, he is an undeniable legend with his own unique style and statements. “Life on Mars?” was her own celebration of self-expression with her bright orange makeup and hair embodying her undying innovative spirit. Far Out Magazine says exactly what made this song so appealing“the abstract lyrics coupled with the pounding music transport the listener to an out of this world experience that answers the song’s question of whether there is ‘Life On Mars’, it’s a truly perfect song that embodies the supernatural appeal of David Bowie.”

2/8 Nobody Could Touch MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This

When the performer makes the clip himself iconic, you know you just can’t overlook his undeniable charisma. MC Hammer pulls out his best moves in his famous “hammer pants” surrounded by groovy back ip dancers that really infuse the word energy. His song remains a fun meme and cultural icon to this day.

1/8 Kendrick Lamar humiliated everyone with his song Humble

Winner of the Grammy Award for Best Music Video, Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar’s expressive and visually stunning music video was a cultural celebration of African American culture, Kendrick’s background and a rap narrative that humbled most of his rivals. Although released in 2017, not too long ago, the music video inspired many works around the world just to show the true reach of an artist like Kendrick Lamar.


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