There’s a Petition to Ban “Whoop-Whooping” in House Music Shows


The other day I was in a Gray pop-up located on the beach in Los Angeles. I had gone with a few friends. After dancing a bit, we went to the edge of the crowd to cool off. Then…as often happens, the crowd went off in a whoop-whoop. I sighed for a moment, leaned over to my friend and said, “Don’t tell anyone, but every time the crowd makes that noise, I die a little inside.”

Something about that sound belittles the legitimacy of the mob in my mind. And I thought maybe I was the only one feeling that way, but it turns out a lot of people are on board with that idea. There’s even a new petition circulating online to raise awareness and stop the whoop.

It started with John Jones, who started the petition. He uses some pretty damning language, referring to whoopers as screaming “pelicans”. And while some music lovers find it boring, remember it’s a shared experience. It doesn’t really matter, and no… a whoop-whoop on a set shouldn’t ruin your day.

However, I still think it’s boring and important that we can have an open discourse on such topics. Personally, the only “whoop” I would like to hear is when the Bloody Beets – ‘Warp 1.9’ (with Steve Aoki). But that’s just me. Where do you stand on the polarizing “whoop”?


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