The Yellow Diary Music Group: Staying Positive Really Hard


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New Delhi- Mumbai-based alternative rock band The Yellow Diary believe staying positive amid the current COVID-19 crisis is “really tough,” adding that they are trying to cope with the music.

“Staying positive in such a difficult time is really difficult. But we have to remember that this is a unified position and that we must take it not only for ourselves but also for the safety of the people around us, ”the group told IANS when asked. asked how they were dealing with the lockdown.

“We stay engaged by learning new things and further refining our craft. And once all of that is behind us, we can’t wait to make music with each other, ”they added.

Members of the Yellow Diary group include Himonshu Parikh (music production, keyboard, backing vocals), Rajan Batra (vocals, composition), Vaibhav Pani (guitar), Sahil Shah (drums) and Stuart DaCosta (bass).

When asked if they are putting all their energy in the middle of the lockdown to create new songs, the band said, “Considering the way we make music is collaborative and we feed into each other in the room, it is certainly difficult to make music as a group. However, we keep in touch on a daily basis and continue to catch up!

Recently, they collaborated with singer Akasa Singh for the song “Dhoondti firaan”. The Akasa-led single is a new take on The Yellow Diary’s hit “Rab raakha”, which received a favorable reception. “Dhoondti firaan” brings to light a universal belief – while you are looking for yourself, someone up there is looking after your loved ones.

Speaking of the song, they said; “The song is about the belief that as you focus on your path forward, towards your goals, there is a higher power that cares for your loved ones. This belief becomes a motivating force to move forward. this period of confinement, there is a physical lack of connection between people. And the belief that someone or something, whatever you believe, is taking care of those you cannot be with right now, gives you hope, faith and positivity. That’s what we wanted to share with everyone. (IANS)


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