The world music group Los Variants arrives at Place des Arts


Los Variants is the brainchild of Vince Maccarone from Sudbury and will perform at Place des Arts on October 28

This month’s performance at Place des Arts by musical number Variants will be a homecoming for bandleader Vince Maccarone.

Originally from Sudbury, Maccarone is now based in Toronto and has toured across North America, Australia, the Caribbean and Europe.

“My first gig was at the Coulson Hotel when I was 17,” he said in a press release. “I also played at Mine Mill Hall with the blues band The Sidemen many years ago. After recent tours across Canada, it will be great to come home.

Los Variants is his brainchild of Maccarone, and a press release describes them as being “based on celebrating diversity by bending some of the rules of staying within one genre. The band takes the audience on a musical journey around the world maintaining a common thread in jazz and roots music. Expect flamenco, Middle Eastern groove, AfroFunk and Caribbean beats to create a seamless mosaic of international groove.

Maccarone is a composer, performer, session musician and conductor. He is joined by singer Shantall Delos Santos (Peru), Fethi Nadjem on violin/gimbri (Algeria), Michael Occhipinti on guitars (Sicily), Jonathon Amador on bass (El Salvador), Luisiti Orbegoso on percussion (Peru) and Vince Maccarone on drums (Canada).

In a press release, it is noted that Sudbury Jazz Festival president and multi-instrumentalist Louis Simao “may also make a surprise appearance.”

Los Variants performs on October 28 at 8 p.m. Le Studio Desjardins, Place des Arts (27, rue Larch). Tickets are $30 and are available by clicking here.

Click on here to see videos of the band’s past performances.


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