The Rosehill Theater in Whitehaven hosts theater and music performances


The Rosehill Theater continues to rebuild its operations following the pandemic and has scheduled some live performances for the fall.

A part performance, part game show called Shuffle is coming in September. Howerd’s End, a brand new play by Mark Farrelly, will be released in October.

The Glenn Miller & Big Band Spectacular will also take place in October and Amy Triggs, winner of the 2020 Women’s Prize for Playwriting, will perform her remarkable debut play, Reasons You Should(n’t) Love Me the same month.

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Executive Director Deanne Shallcross said: “We are grateful to so many people and organizations who continue to support us.

“It’s great to see audiences responding positively to our array of events, both in theater and in the community. It reassures us that Rosehill has something for everyone.”

Shuffle is said to combine world-class street dancing with a dancefloor soundtrack and will air on Friday, September 30. .

The Glenn Miller & Big Band Spectacular premieres Sunday, October 9, and Amy Triggs’ new performance premieres October 18.


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