The music group Dar releases a new track


The band’s manager, veteran pianist Andrew Sekidia, said the teaser is an introduction to the upcoming band Town Classic, which will officially launch at the end of next month.

Sekidia said that apart from the track “No Stress,” the group also had another song titled “Shem Darling,” adding that the latter would also introduce the arrival of the group that is currently in the camp.

He also explained that at the end of this week, they will start shooting a video for the song “Shem Darling” so that fans of the troupe can enjoy both songs in both video and audio formats.

“After that, we will introduce our band to the press and then they will perform at the Jamhuri Stadium in Morogoro in a tough boxing match between Tanzanian Twaha Kassim ‘Kiduku’ and an Argentinian boxer,” he said.

The manager said that on the show, Town Classic Band will be collaborating with Morogoro-based band Waluguru Original as well as new generation music artists including Abednego Damian, aka “Belle 9”.

“I believe that when Town Classic starts to organize shows, it will bring strong opposition to other groups because it is well organized and consists of musicians with great working capacity,” Sekidia revealed.

While the group was shooting the video, African Stars Band popularly known as ‘Twanga Pepeta’ also entered the studio to record their new song titled ‘Chombo ya Fundi’ composed by star singer Ally Choki, who returned in the band after a long break. .

African Stars Band Director Luiza Mbutu pointed out that the song is recorded in a studio in Dar es Salaam adding that they decided to prioritize the studio as it has proven to be an attraction for the fans of “Twanga Pepeta”.


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