The Municipal Band of Fuengirola gives concerts Parque de España


The Parque de España in the town of Fuengirola in Malaga will host two concerts by the Fuengirola Municipal Music Orchestra.

As announced by the Council of Fuengirola this Monday, June 20, the Fuengirola Municipal Music Band will give two concerts in the municipality of Malaga. The first will take place tonight, Tuesday June 21, and the second will be held on the following Tuesday, June 28.

Both concerts will take place at Parque de España, starting at 9:30 p.m. The first of them will be dedicated to symphonic harmony music, and the second, to young conductors.

Tonight’s concert program will include performances of pieces such as Flashing Winds, by Jan van der Roost; Bonaparte, by Otto M. Schwarz; Orient Express by Phillip Sparke; The Round Table, by Bert Appermont; Mount Everest, from Rossano Galante; and Joan of Arc, by Ferrer Ferran.

Founded in 1962, the Fuengirola Municipal Music Band currently has over 1,100 printed works in its repertoire. It has given more than 2,090 performances in its more than 300 concerts offered since 1997, the beginning of the period with its current conductor on the podium.

Consolidated as a collective of reference professional musicians on the Costa del Sol, the group is led by Alfredo Alarcon Campoy.

Since 2006, the artistic progression of the Music Band has been spectacular, both artistically and in terms of audiences. The degree of quality that they have achieved in recent years has made it possible to integrate very complex pieces into the usual repertoire reserved for elite formations.


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