“The Jesus Music” hits theaters, celebrating decades of Christian music revolution


Above: Christian artist Michael W. Smith discusses his role in the film “The Jesus Music” and how contemporary Christian music has affected his life.

“The Jesus Music” hits theaters this weekend. It is a film that traces the roots of contemporary Christian music (CCM) with a star cast including TobyMac, Amy Grant, Steven Curtis Chapman, Lauren Daigle, for KING & COUNTRY, Kirk Franklin, Michael W. Smith and many more ‘others.

It is the first major theatrical documentary of the Erwin brothers, who have made denominational films such as “I Can Only Imagine”, “I Still Believe” and the upcoming “American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story”.

“The Music of Jesus” tells the remarkable story of how the CCM has evolved from its early years as incredible new talent has emerged and unique perspectives on Christian music have come together.

Michael W. Smith, who was executive producer on the film Lionsgate, spoke to CBN’s Studio 5 about his desire to be a part of the project.

“I’ve always wanted to see that happen on the big screen at some point,” Smith explained. “I think the story had to be told, but it wasn’t until the Erwin brothers approached me two or three years ago to make this documentary and asked if I would be involved as an executive producer. and help to talk about it. It was a categorically yes, it was obvious to me. “

The singer said he was very surprised by the artists’ willingness to share intimate details about their lives.

“Hear stories from other artists… the struggle, the fight. What people went through, the adversity, how they survived and how they came out on the other side,” Smith said. “I always think it’s fascinating to hear someone else’s story. I applaud all the artists in this film who were very vulnerable. There were some heart-wrenching things that were said and revealed. and I think it was really, really good. ”

“That’s what makes the movie so appealing is that it’s pretty authentic. But I knew it was going to happen. We all have a story and we’ve all had ups and downs figuring out this thing and going on this journey through this amazing thing that we get to do, this thing called music. It’s the most powerful universal language in the world. I’ve always said it, and I still believe it. “

Ultimately, Smith hopes the film will lead people to Christ.

“You will have a whole new group of people – could be millions of people – who will experience this music for the very first time. If history is any measure of what this music has done to millions of people, then I think that you could potentially have millions of people that are affected by this, ”he said.“ Ultimately, at least deep in my mind, maybe this movie is the catalyst. of this coming revival that we’ve been praying for so long… how sweet it would be. My faith tells me I think it’s a great possibility. “

Throughout the film, the artists discuss how music has transformed their technique and style, and how it can change their lives.

Smith pointed out that he began to understand his music resonated with fans when he began to receive comments about the impact he was having.

“I think when you start to get feedback from people who were discouraged, who were at their wit’s end and it was over and they were suicidal … the list goes on and on, and one of your songs has completely gone. changed the course of their lives and kind of got them back on track, “Smith said.” Those letters and emails over and over, you were thinking, ‘wow – this thing works and that’s why I do what I do. “And one of those stories is worth my entire career … just one of them.”

“The Music of Jesus” opens in theaters Friday, October 1.

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