St. Vincent remembers classical music concerts of the 70s with a “Down” performance on “Fallon”


Screen-Shot-2021-05-26-at-8.13.19-AM – Credit: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon / Youtube

St. Vincent carried out “Down,” from his latest album daddy’s house, to Tonight’s show Tuesday May 25.

The performance retained the ’70s aesthetic that is defined daddy’s house, with St. Vincent and the Down and Out Downtown Band delivering the song on what could easily have been a setting for a classic show like The old gray whistle test. Over the song’s serpentine riff and amid the ethereal vocals of his backing singers, St. Vincent hummed, “Listen to an excuse you think you can be cruel for / Mum always said to me / ‘You must turn the other cheek ‘/ But even she would agree, you are an exception to this rule.

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Saint-Vincent freed daddy’s house earlier in May, marking her debut album since 2017 Masseduction. The album, which St. Vincent co-produced with Jack Antonoff, debuted at number 15 on the Rolling stone Top 200 of the albums ranking.

Saint-Vincent also appeared recently in the first trailer for The hostel out of nowhere, an upcoming mock documentary she wrote and stars alongside Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein. The film is set to hit theaters and land on streaming services on September 17.

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