Singer / songwriter Dodoma forms a music group



Motanenga noted that the troop now organized entertainment at various hotels in Dodoma.

Speaking in an interview, the musician said his troupe, Athanas Motanenga, is made up of four musicians and plays various local and foreign songs.

Motanenga said: “I have been in Dodoma for about two years now and continue to entertain with my group.”

“I play with Abdallah ‘Dullah Ngoma’ who plays the trumpet, ‘Junior Fleva’ who sings and plays the piano, with ‘Smoker’ who plays the guitar,” Motanenga noted.

He pointed out that some of the songs his band performed were the ones he sang with the group Bambino, formed by ‘Banza Stone’, and former Extra Bongo troupe leader Ally Choki.

“I discovered ‘Banza Stone’ and became one of the founders of Bambino Band, then I went to Choki’s Extra Bongo, so I composed a lot of songs for these bands,” he said. .

He said that in addition to playing songs, he started recording songs for his band, some of which are “Nafsi”, “King’aacho”, “Neno”, adding that he has already recorded them.

“Fans love to copy songs, but I also saw the need to prepare myself more, as I plan to continue to strengthen the group so that it can later become a full band,” he said. declared.

He said he has found many music players in Dodoma who support him and that he has no plans to relocate as dance music has many fans in other regions.



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