Pune-based music group Easy Wanderlings are coming to Bengaluru this weekend


Eight-piece Pune-based band Easy Wanderlings describe their music as a melodic journal of precious conversations and memories, “weaving a tapestry of soul, pop and folk music”. Their music is generally pleasing to the ear – it makes you want to relax and reflect. Ahead of the release of their second EP, the band are coming to Bengaluru for a performance this Friday, as part of their India tour. Mali (Maalavika Manoj), the Mumbai-based singer, will join them on stage for a guest performance.

Since its creation in 2015, the group has released an album and an EP. Their concert will see the band perform all the songs from their debut album As written in the starstheir next EP Caught in a paradeand some unreleased tracks.

While their early releases could be categorized as folk and indie-pop, Caught in a parade leans more towards soul and funk. Considered by the members as an important milestone for the group, the EP includes songs that explore diverse but related themes of modern love and human frailties. “The goal is to make music without getting caught up in the genre…to make music that we really feel in the moment, and also to capture the essence of our band,” says guitarist and vocalist Sharad Rao.

A perfect example of this description would be the band’s latest single Mayflower, released earlier this month. Part of the upcoming EP, the piece is sung by famous singer Nikhil D’Souza who collaborated with them for the first time. The song explores the concept of envy and how everyone strives to get ahead in life.

This concert is special in more ways than one. For starters, Bengaluru is the only city where the eight band members (Siya Ragade, Shardul Bapat, Sharad Rao, Sanyanth Naroth, Pratika Gopinath, Nitin M Krishna, Malay Vadalkar and Abraham Zachariah) will perform together. The setlist has been carefully curated, keeping in mind the tastes of Bengaluru audiences. The dynamic set will feature some of the band’s soulful, mellow melodies alongside groovy up-tempo music.

“Bengaluru is one of our favorite cities to play in. The audience is in tune with our sound and our music, we really love playing for them,” concludes Sanyanth, the band’s founding member.

₹699 up, Sept 23, 8 p.m. At Fandom in Gilly’s Redefined, Koramangala

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