Patna Elders Miss Classical Music Performances During Durga Puja | Patna News


PATNA: Come Durga Puja and many of the town’s alumni begin to hum the popular Bollywood number, “Jaane kahan gaye woh din”, while recalling the greatness of the classical music programs, which were part of the party until the beginning. from the 1980s, especially from ‘Saptami to Navami’.
Although the Covid pandemic made puja spirits shine and the enthusiasm of the devotees shine, the elders remember that time of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s when Durga Puja in Patna was better known for her classical and light music than for large pandals and decorations. .
Those in the later stages of life vividly remember that Durga Puja was a great attraction for music lovers in Patna and its adjacent areas. They waited every year for the Durga Puja to listen to their Bollywood favorites and enjoy all the biggest classical music celebrities in the country going from Hardinge Park to Miller School, Gandhi Maidan, Patna Collegiate School, Langartoli, Golghar, Machhhuatoli and Station. Road places all night. However, classical and light music events have declined over time since the late 1980s, making Durga Puja celebrations a mere ritual for Patna devotees.
According to octogenarians Tapan Chakraborty and S Guha de Khagaul, famous table player Alla Rakha, sitar maestro Ravi Shankar, sorcerer shehnai Bismillah Khan, singers Kishori Amonkar, Shamshad Begum and Praveen Sultana, violinist VG Jog and others celebrities captivated audiences in Patna during Durga Puja. “The famous dancer Sitara Devi was an attraction for everyone with her magical dancing charms,” the duo recalled.
In addition, ghazal singers Anup Jalota and Pankaj Udhas were the artists who participated in the musical programs for many years during Durga Puja in Patna. Bollywood stars Mahendra Kapoor, Sulakshana Pandit and Manna Dey also visited the state capital regularly during Puja, they said, adding that classical music connoisseurs were regular visitors to Patna from faraway places. to enjoy the happiness of the greatness of Puja.
With a note of discouragement in the voices of music lovers, however, they have a sincere feeling that such a gala hour will never come back to Patna again. were the venues for memorable events in Patna as part of the puja festival, they said.


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