Mourinho and Stormzy: other football stars to appear in music videos


Jose Mourinho: Maestro of management. The man who became the first football manager to win the treble of European titles, the Champions League, the Europa League and the Europa Conference League. The Portuguese boss has given football everlasting memories both on and off the pitch with some of his iconic quotes.

But now the Roma boss has found another way to boost his popularity among football fans, becoming a hype man and star in grime artist Stormzy’s latest music video for the track. “Mel made me do it.”

The internet blew up over this collaboration, and The Sportsman quickly thought of other members of the football family who had experience in the field.


Chris Waddle – Arctic Monkeys

The Sheffield Wednesday legend was a hero to Monkeys frontman Alex Turner growing up. And while he doesn’t appear directly in the music video, footage of Waddle performing Wednesday intersperses the band’s video for “Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I Moved Your Chair.”

Alessandro Del Piero – Oasis

Yes, it’s true. The former Italian star has befriended Noel Gallagher after revealing he is a fan of the Mancunian group. He then received a brief, wink or you’ll miss it, appearance on “Lord Don’t Slow Me Down.”

Emmanuel Frimpong – Lethal Bizzle

Many younger generations will be more than familiar with the days when former Arsenal player Emmanuel Frimpong appeared in Lethal Bizzle’s song ‘Leave It Yeah’ and later in the music video. The track featured the lyrics “Stay drenched or get Frimpong’d”.

Peter Crouch – Peace

In a bizarre music video opening, the Worcestershire band’s track ‘Gen Strange’ begins with the former Stoke City centre-forward calling their singer ‘f***ing emo’ as he walks past.

Vinnie Jones – West Life

A partnership that no one could have predicted. But as the former Chelsea star became an actor shortly after retiring, almost any job was good for gaining exposure. He appears in the video for “Bop Bop Baby”.

Rio Ferdinand and Micah Richards – T2

The Leeds-born Richards were vaguely aware that T2 was growing up in the family. He and Ferdinand appear in the video for the track “Heartbroken”, with the latter appearing to participate as he was a fan.

Didier Drogba – Julia Channel

The Chelsea legend befriended Channel after running in similar circles, while the latter interviewed the striker for Live Night And Day. He appears in the music video for the song “Forever In A Day”.

Sergio Aguero – Los Leales

This group wrote a song called “Kun Agüero” and had the legend of Manchester City in front. To discover, City fans.

Lukas Podolski – Bring

The former Arsenal striker appears in the video for the track ‘Hallelujah’, a complete parody that is awkward from start to finish.

Jimmy Bullard – Gorgeous George

Former prankster midfielder turned Soccer AM presenter Bullard appears in the video for ‘John Wayne Enterprise’. He is even shown urgently disappearing down the toilet in this visual appearance.


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