Mercedes-Benz most popular car brand in EDM music videos


[ad_1] recently published a study in which they analyzed several videos of musical genres to find which brand and type of cars predominated. So find the great relationship between automobile culture and popular music.

Cars and music have been closely linked. It dates back to the appearance of this transport, with the beginning of the massive consumption of songs and concerts. Since the introduction of videos as a unique form of promotion, vehicles have been seen as a very powerful visual appeal. Genres like hip hop cannot be conceived without these machines alongside and the country has built a whole historical sense and a language with the pick-ups. Does the same thing happen in EDM? Let’s see.

The study looked at 250 rock, hip hop, country, and EDM videos to find the most popular brands and models among them. Also, which artists are the most obsessed with them and which video has the most rides.

Study results

3 out of 4 rap and hip-hop videos featured cars, making it the most loaded genre of cars. Rock and metal songs were the least numerous, with only 32% of videos containing cars. Whereas country videos had a lot more vans than any other genre (over ten times as many). Not surprisingly, the most popular color for all genres is black. In terms of models, Chevrolet convertibles and some sporty models are the most popular among these genres.

Interestingly, EDM music has the most muscle cars of any genre analyzed and lags behind rap and hip-hop videos in terms of the number of SUVs featured.

Among EDM videos, the most popular make and type among videos with cars was a Mercedes-Benz sedan, with black and silver being the top two colors. The artist with the most cars featured in their total videos was LMFAO, and that group‘s hit hit “Party Rock Anthem” was the EDM video featuring the most cars. Most notably, “Party Rock Anthem”.

Cars and music

Regardless of make or model, this study has highlighted the enormous value that fans of each genre place on cars. Electronic music, even more, has its origins in Detroit, a place where many people assemble cars from the brands predominant in hip hop and rock videos. At a time, Mercedes-Benz is a German brand, originating in the same place where the techno scene experienced monstrous growth after the fall of the Berlin Wall.



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