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Editor’s Note: Since COVID-19 issues can lead to last minute changes, be sure to check with the group or room before you go. Be careful.

One day, two shows

Let’s start with a show for those who are not late. Flat stream highway will give a few shows on Saturday. The first will be “Biscuits and Bluegrass” at Benders in Silver Lake, starting at 9 am. As the name suggests, there will be a cookie and gravy breakfast, with Flat Creek Highway providing the background music. The group is based on bluegrass, with forays into Americana, folk and pop.

Later Saturday, Flat Creek Highway will perform a virtual concert as part of the “Into the Space” concert series hosted by Kenosha Creative Space. Just log into the Kenosha Creative Space Facebook page at 7 p.m. for this show.

Flat Creek Highway is performing online starting at 7 pm Saturday (February 20) as part of the “Into The Space” concert series hosted by Kenosha Creative Space. The band will also perform at 9 a.m. on Saturday at Benders, 409 E Northwater St. in Silver Lake, for a cookie and gravy breakfast.

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Indigo Canyon at UPT

Indigo Canyon fits Union Park Tavern as your favorite flannel pajamas on a cold night. Now you don’t have to dress this way to see them play, but it could be fun.

This show is on Saturday night and features multi-instruments and vocalists Michelle warnecke and Todd Steffenhagen, with the drummer Justin Mendez. They are so good at creating a relaxed, folkloric vibe that you might not immediately notice how good they are. Warnecke and Steffenhagen switch to lead vocals, performing both their own compositions and hits mainly in the indie / folk / pop realm. It will be a great way to get out of the house after the last fifteen brutal weeks.

Indigo Canyon performs Saturday, February 20, starting at 9 p.m., at Union Park Tavern, 4620 Eighth Ave.

Grateful Dead Nite in Fusion

Kenosha has certainly shown a love for jam bands over the years. So it makes perfect sense that Kenosha Fusion is preparing a Grateful Dead Nite. What’s even cooler is that the band that performs at Grateful Dead Nite is called Nite dead grateful. If you’ve followed local jam bands, or many other genres for that matter, you know them. Do the words Cosmic Railroad mean anything to you? Yeah, if anyone around here can bring out the dead, it’s Greg Gierl (guitar / voice), Paul Aceto (bass / voice), Reid decker (drums / vocals) and Brandon (Hammond B3 organ).

According to Shilts, Grateful Dead Nite plays material “from the Grateful Dead catalog of their originals and covers they’ve performed.” Which gives us 500 songs to choose from. But we play them with a lot of energy. More rock. I mean, come on. After 2020, who isn’t ready to sing the chorus “What a long and strange journey that has been”?

Grateful Dead Nite at Fusion begins at 7 p.m. Saturday (February 20) at Kenosha Fusion, 5014 Seventh Ave.

Look ahead

Lots of people are giving up for Lent, which started on Wednesday. Last year we all gave up a lot – and not just for 40 days.

This year I want to be given some things. I want to be able to be safe to attend a concert in a small club. I want to take official photos of the superstars in the pit again at the world’s biggest music festival. I want to hear about our local favorites packing the van and on tour. I want to write about bands that are new to me and styles of music that I don’t write often enough. I want to hug my friends and make them be happy. I want to wake up everyday with my dogs. Happy Lent. Keep wishing and striving and moving forward … Peace and blessing be upon you.

It’s all for this week. Bands, artists and venues, please send me your concert listings, event messages, biographies, Facebook event invitations or anything else that I might find useful to write to you. Write to me at [email protected]


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