Life is an inspiration for the music group ManaKarma



Life experiences, the books they have read and their travels are the muse of the ManaKarma trio.

The past year has given everyone ample time to reflect on the path not taken. It was the same with Nitin Navaratna, Sumantu Kaushik and Ashwin Naidu.

The trio were once engineering teammates in Hyderabad; they also had a ‘Reve’ group and performed regularly. “At the university, we spent around 25 to 30 concerts between 2005-09, playing both Hindi and English songs,” laughs Nitin, the singer of the group.

Although the band catered to the tastes of the audience and performed covers, Nitin still wrote notes on what might someday turn into lyrics. Although careers eventually took center stage, they stayed in touch and wondered if they would ever play again. “To that, Ashwin, who was our bass player, always said ‘ManaKarma’, which in Telugu means ‘Our destiny’, – that if it was in our karma, we regroup,” recalls Nitin.

Life is an inspiration for the music group ManaKarma

In 2017, the work took Nitin to Indonesia and resulted in many trips. “I always wrote whenever I had time, between flights.” When Ashwin traveled to Indonesia in 2018, he and Nitin got the opportunity to play again and they started to explore the idea of ​​their own music.

Life is an inspiration for the music group ManaKarma

In 2020, the trio decided to finally launch their music even if it was virtually.

“Our goal is to get our songs out there so people can listen to them and come up with their own interpretations, because our music is about our life experiences,” says Nitin.

The news, the books they read and the places they have traveled bring water to the ManaKarma mill.

Although Nitin is based in Singapore and Ashwin and Sumantu are in the United States, ManaKarma has three songs and seven more lined up, with an album in the works once they can meet in person at a recording studio.

ManaKarma can be heard on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, and Youtube.



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