LABOUM in talks to return to musical broadcasts to perform the song “Journey To Atlantis” from the 2016 resurrection


Five years after its release, THE PARTY maybe back to musical performances to perform their new rediscovered song from 2016 “Journey to Atlantis”!

After Brave Girls recently rose to fame due to the sudden surge in popularity of their 2017 track “Rollin ‘”, it looks like LABOUM is following in their footsteps. Like “Rollin ‘,” LABOUM’s 2016 title track “Journey to Atlantis” quickly climbed the Korean charts, and fans eagerly wondered if the group would return to music shows to perform the soaring success.

On March 31, LABOUM’s Global H Media agency responded to the speculation by stating, “Due to the sudden increase in popularity of LABOUM’s ‘Journey to Atlantis’, we are currently discussing the possibility of appearing in musical broadcasts. [to perform the song], but this has not yet been confirmed. In hopes of rewarding fans for their support, we’re in the process of discussing a possible appearance. “

Although “Journey to Atlantis” has long been a fan favorite and received a lot of love from soldiers serving in the military, it remained largely unknown to the general public until this year, when it suddenly became known. become a “hidden gem”.

Would you like to see LABOUM come back on music shows to perform “Journey to Atlantis”?

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