K-pop Radar releases list of 2021 most viewed K-pop music videos – Manila bulletin


K-pop Radar, a “fandom data service” from music startup Space Oddity, posted the top 10 most-watched K-pop music videos on YouTube in 2021.

It “highlighted the brilliant achievements of artists who have warmed 2021 thanks to year-end settlement data.”

Top 10 Most Viewed K-pop Music Videos by K-pop Radar in 2021 – December 15 (K-pop Radar)

K-pop Radar released the list on December 31 showing the cumulative views of video clips as of December 15, 2021.

BTS takes the first two places. The MV “Butter”, released on May 21, topped the list with 586.5 million views as of December 15. The “Permission to Dance” MV, posted on July 9, came in second with 353.8 million views.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Rosé placed third and fourth. Lisa’s “Lalisa” music video, released on September 10, ranked third with 331.7 million views. Rosé’s “On the Ground” music video, released on March 12, grabbed fourth place with 230.5 million views.

TWICE placed fifth with their music video “Alcohol Free”, released on June 9, garnering 192 million views, according to K-pop Radar.

Rookie group Aespa’s “Next Level”, posted on YouTube on May 17, is in sixth place with 179.8 million views.

ITZY’s “In the Morning” music video, released on April 30, grabbed seventh place with 178 million views.

TWICE’s “The Feels” has ranked eighth with 150.9 million views since it went live on October 1.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé has another top 10 clip. Her MV “Gone”, released April 4, has racked up 141.8 million views.

NCT Dream’s “Hot Sauce” music video, released on May 10, ranked 10th with 140.8 million views.

K-pop Radar also posted the best K-pop clips per month based on views.

Most Viewed K-pop Radar Music Videos by Month (K-pop Radar)
Most Viewed K-pop Radar Music Videos by Month (K-pop Radar)




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