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Dream Note, an indie music group with two exceptionally talented musicians from Jaipur – Gaurav Tiwari and Taresh Agarwal – are making waves in the indie music scene in India with their hard-hitting songwriting and soulful compositions in pop, ambient and rock music. Taresh Agarwal is the band’s guitarist and music producer, while Gaurav Tiwari provides vocals and lyrics to the music. The band is now on a six-city tour called “The Dream Tour”. We caught up with Gaurav and Taresh to find out more about the latest version of Dream Note, dhun and their musical journey.

Tell us about your new release. What’s the story behind it all?

“Our new EP is dhun. It includes five tracks: Dil, Kahani, Khoyi Hui Dhun, Zaroori Nahi, and Zeher. We released these songs after a huge gap. Taresh had an accident and was seriously injured. We were going through a tough time and music was our medicine. Every song on this EP is made for the audience to connect with a part of their life.

When did you decide to start a band? What inspired you to call it “Dream Note”?

“We were playing in colleges with our friends, competing in 2014. We used to play together and do covers of commercial songs. It was somewhere along these lines that we decided we wanted our own band. It was our passion and we strived to achieve it. We were listening to a lot of other artists like Coldplay. We never thought much about the name of the band. But today, our songs and the band name match like a perfect puzzle.

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How was the pandemic for you? A boon or a curse?

“The pandemic has been very confusing and exhausting for us. We planned our first tour for 2019, around the same time the pandemic started. It was demotivating and very distracting for us to focus on the good. In this way, it was definitely a plague. By looking at the good part, we had the space to reflect, review our works and have more jamming sessions. There were internal things to sort out. We watched a few movies and listened to various other artists and music from different genres. So yes, a boon and a curse. *Laughs*

At the same time, other independent artists arrived and changed the musical culture in India. How do you feel about that?

“It feels good. It was always Bollywood dominance or movie songs that were loved, but now people are turning to independent artists. After the pandemic, it’s even better because artists have used Instagram and other online platforms to show off their talents and entertain the public.Additionally, Spotify is a major source for any artist today; they curate playlists that include new songs.

What do you think of your audience? What is the message you share with the public through your music?

“The response and love we receive is overwhelming. We feel too lucky for our work to be appreciated. It’s an indescribable feeling to see your audience enjoy your music and sing louder than you. The live performances we connect with them and so far on our tour we have made many connections. It makes us very happy. The message we want to share with our audience is to be kind and patient, to believe in yourself, to have faith and work for what excites us.

The group will then perform in New Delhi (May 21), Chandigarh (May 22) and Jaipur (May 28).


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