How Montreal becomes the Mecca of music videos


Those in the know understand why and know that Montreal is gaining a reputation as the best place to make a contemporary music video. If you are a producer looking for a place to shoot your latest video; or you are simply in the industry and need to find a place of choice for your clients, then look no further because Montreal has struck the big time. This article takes a closer look at this trend, providing a history and discussing who has used this location before, and why.

Which leading international artists have shot their music videos in Montreal?

The city has a pedigree: some of the biggest stars in the music industry have produced their work with this wonderful city forming the backdrop to their music. Those mentioned below are just a glimpse into Montreal’s history as a music video and global production hot spot. And whether it’s through online games played at JackpotCity Casino, or local YouTube clips and other international entertainment, you’ve probably listened to (or watched) music made in Montreal.

Bryan Adams: Yes, he’s local, but the fact that he has such an international following and that he rose to fame with some great music videos shot in Montreal set the original tone for the city’s industry.

Adele: In 2015, Adele shot “Hello” which, in her own way, became a # 1 hit. Unsurprisingly, she has now done the same with her new single, “Easy On Me”. She used the Eastern Townships of Quebec, but the truth is clear that she did bring in the team from Montreal – led by local actor / director Xavier Dolan, who also produced Adele’s previous successes.

Duck: Another successful local, Drake has shown commitment to the local music industry by using his reputation to solidify his support for Montreal and the music video industry. He could have filmed his clips anywhere and yet he chose to return home to shoot clips which subsequently gained worldwide acclaim.

Rihanna : Rihanna also produced a music video in the city and in this case it was more the skills of the producers and the crew that she was emphasizing rather than the backdrop or cityscapes as the video itself was simply shot indoors, in club scenes.

These are just a few of the best artists who have chosen Montreal as the location for their music videos.

Why Montreal?

The city has some of the most talented crews in the world. Moreover, favorable exchange rates are associated with such expensive works. These are great draw cards for international artists to use the backdrop, scenery and bustle of Montreal to create magical music videos.

It is recognized that Montreal, and indeed Canada as a whole, is beginning to offer an alternative to the big budget Hollywood – or overtly American – industry of film, film and music videos. This article has tried to show that this is not a flash in the pan and has been going on for a long time. It is starting to make more than waves, however, and industry players now expect some serious accolades for the Montreal music video industry and we look forward to seeing who gets what at the next Grammy Awards.


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