Hop on the Bus for FloydFest Music Videos Featuring Palmyra, The Kitchen Dwellers


FloydFest has whetted many appetites for next year’s event with as high-profile an artist announcement this week as ever in its history.

A few paragraphs later in his Tuesday press release, he announced another rollout – the FloydFest Bus Stop videos are live, for your perusal.

A few years ago, the festival’s general manager, Sam Calhoun, bought an old school bus to park at the site. He worked with music documentarians Beehive Productions and Floyd County-based Peluso Microphones to create an unlikely sound and visual haven. No less a musical luminary than Hot Tuna’s Jorma Kaukonen co-signed it in 2019, when he and his Tuna mate Jack Casady laid down tracks on it.

“You get on a metal bus and you think it’s going to suck. But that’s not the case,” Kaukonen said.

And it is not. Aside from the 2020 COVID-19 hiatus, FloydFest has continued to release the Bus Stop videos, combining the vibes of NPR’s Tiny Desk concerts with the mobile recording juggernaut Jam in the Van. The Wildmans, Nora Jane Struthers, Erin Lunsford & Caitlin Krisco, Keller Williams, Katie Pruitt, 49 Winchester and Mason Via of the Old Crow Medicine Show are among the many FloydFest performers who rode in the vehicle and recorded their music.

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FloydFest slowly rolled out 2022 videos, integrating YouTube productions on its own floydfestbusstop.com/2022. The winner of this year’s crowd-voted Under-the-Radar competition, Palmyra, is on board, as are artists such as The Kitchen Dwellers, Charles Wesley Godwin, The JudyChops, Litz. The rollout continues, with Amythyst Kiah on deck, as FloydFest fans prepare for Black Crowes, My Morning Jacket, Sheryl Crow and next year’s sets they can relive some of the magic of 22.

Sasha, from Palmyra, emailed the cutNscratch office last week delighted with the band’s “Happy Pills” performance, and here it is – youtu.be/ovqZahEeyq8 — high-quality entertainment, to be sure.

The bus will be at the new location, at Check, for FloydFest 23~Forever, scheduled for July 26-30.

Concert announcements

As usual, Harvester Performance Center is posting concert announcements and we’re trying to keep up. Here are the latest.

December 8 Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton. It’s not badass blues/rock Fish headlining, with Dayton, the county’s outlaw cat, opening the show. It’s the two of them together, collaborators on an upcoming album project that Jon Spencer (remember his Blues Explosion?) helmed. The album won’t be out until the summer, but the singles are slated for December. We predict a fire.

December 17 Marc Chesnutt. Ever since I saw the subject line announcing this one, the country hit “Too Cold At Home” has popped up like an earworm. No problem. Chesnutt is good, and I put his “Brother Jukebox” in the nominations for Best Country of the 90s – you’ll be openly sobbing into your beer.

January 31 Lucero. American rockers with punk influences based in Memphis return to the Harvester. We missed the group‘s performance in 2018 and kicked ourselves (do you know how that stretches the vast middle?). Here’s hoping we don’t have to pull that thigh muscle back again.

February 23 Big Head Todd and the Monsters. This outfit from Colorado, hero of past HORDE tours, has a lot of great songs, including “It’s Alright” and one of our favorites from all rock eras, “Circle.” Todd Park Mohr and the band added bluesy depth when they collaborated a few years ago with blues legends Hubert Sumlin and David “Honeyboy” Edwards.

This is a Katy Perry stan account now

Recent events in the world have us in an almost constant state of palms to face, and it looks like news of the twist and hurt will only get worse. We haven’t even reached election day yet!

To the rescue comes Katy Perry. Expect. What? Yeah. The “Teenage Dream” queen took to Twitter on Wednesday to drop this nugget of wonder and wonder:

“One of my favorite sounds is the sound of a clean new newspaper being read over breakfast for about an hour…Pulling it out, folding it, doodling over the crossword…I hope it never goes out of style in our digital world. It’s too romantic.

Yes! Romantic. Informative. A day’s break with your head turned to the addictive lure of a smart phone and its anger-inducing trolls.

We suggest reading daily, with coffee, a banana, and all digital devices turned off, for best results. It’s still a news delivery vehicle, with the good and bad that entails, but minus the rot of misinformation (we’re looking at you, Elon Musk). And remember, when we make mistakes, we correct our mistakes.

It’s probably too late to save the model, Katy, but we appreciate the sentiment.


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