Gray Communist backdrop for INXS, Metro for Thom Yorke


Prague is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. And music video makers know how photogenic that can be. It is therefore not surprising that a number of music videos for the songs of the biggest stars of pop music have been shot on the streets of Prague, as well as in other notorious places.

Charles Bridge was recently named the sixth most beautiful monument in the world, and the beauty of our metropolis could be admired by viewers of streaming giant Netflix’s most expensive film, Gray Man, as well as Oscar-winning Amadeus (although he presented Vienna).

Rihanna – Don’t Stop the Music

Don’t be fooled by the American-looking taxi that pulls up on the sidewalk at the start of the clip. And take a good look at the tram that follows it. It’s even easy to see which place it is. Namely the intersection of Bělehradská street and Tylovo náměstí above IP Pavlova, which is also the location of the club where this clip of Rihanna was shot in 2009.

Of course we’re talking about the Radost FX club, its interior has always been so distinctive that it’s still recognizable from the clip years later. The cameraman is an Englishman living in Prague, who described filming the scene where he was locked in the ladies’ room with the singer for several hours as one of the most interesting work experiences of his career after all these years. .

INXS – Rip Us / New Sensation

You may know that Australian band INXS shot a video in Prague, but did you also know that they shot two videos here? They are the ballad tear us apart and the hit song New Feelingboth from their famous breakthrough 1987 album Kick.

Prague was a gray and neglected city compared to today, but even the “care” of forty years of communism could not completely erase its historic beauty and unique charm. And for a band halfway around the world trying to break into Europe, it was not only exotic but also cheap. In particular, the video for the romantic ballad Never Tear Us Apart was shot around Charles Bridge, in the small town, as well as in the Jewish cemetery in Josefov.

Kanye West & Jay-Z – No Church In The Wild

The clip of the song No church in nature by American rapper Kanye Wes and fellow artist Jay-Z, which was released on their 2012 album Look at the throne, was truly sumptuous. For the clip, some streets in Prague were literally turned into a war zone, plagued by fighting reminiscent of protests at International Monetary Fund meetings.

In places it is easy to recognize the Legion Bridge, which crosses Střelecký ostrov to the National Theater. Some scenes are filmed around Jan Palach Square near Rudolfinum. The author of the clip is the famous director of Greek-French origin Romain Gavras, who has made equally famous and controversial clips for artists such as Justice or MIA.

Primal Cry – Jailbird

This is a music video that you could hopefully find yourself in, provided you were at the 1993 concert of Scottish indie rock band Primal Scream at the Lucerna Music Bar in Prague. The images of this performance are mixed in the video of the song Recidivist from their 1994 album Give but don’t give up with footage of the band performing, which was filmed in England. Either way, the mid-90s was a time when Primal Scream was at its absolute peak of popularity. It was a good time then, wasn’t it?

Thom Yorke – Anima

The leader of Radiohead (and currently also of the side project Smile) went undercover in Prague in 2019 to shoot a music video. The director of the clip was none other than one of the most important directors of our time, the American filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson, author of seminal films such as sinful nights, Magnolia and Towards the blood.

Anima was filmed in the Prague Metro, and the spinning turnstiles Yorke wrestles with at the end of the clip were set up specifically for the video.

REM & Patti Smith – E-Bow The Letter

The American group REM was unlucky with Prague. Three of their back-to-back gigs were canceled at the last minute for various reasons, but they still loved Prague.

Especially frontman Michael Stipe has a personal relationship with our capital, but also with the Czech Republic as it is well known that shortly before the release of their groundbreaking album Out of timehe traveled the Czech Republic for several days and visited Olomouc.

In Prague, REM also performed at the Anděl Award Ceremony, which took place in 1999 at the Exhibition Center. And they paid special tribute to Prague in the video for their joint song with rock singer-songwriter Patti Smith. It was released in 1996 on their album New adventures in Hi-Fi.

Simply Red – Your Eyes

Prague’s main train station is also very photogenic. For example, it was featured in the music video for Gwen Stefani’s Beginning of winter in 2009. And it can also be seen in the epic video for the song Your eyes by British soul band Simply Red from 2000.

However, as has happened many times in the past, Prague replaces another city or country in the video. Russia or Moscow. The clip is set during World War II and features Simply Red frontman Mick Hucknal running through the corridors and stairs of Prague’s historic main station building, which was inscribed in Cyrillic letters.


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