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Another week and more positive news at the Falls.

This time it’s the return of live music with Thursdays on Third. The Avenue des Pins redevelopment project has its own musical celebration with James Jeckovich, Soliday’s Food Truck and Mr. Softee.

I never heard from Jeckovich. Third’s music, however, is not the genre I like. “Hair Nation” was Thursday’s entertainment. “Nerds Gone Wild” could appear later this summer. Both are cover groups. I prefer original music.

Give me Miller and the Other Sinners, 77 Stone or the Grace Stumberg Band and I’ll take care of it. Still, the music draws the crowds and after six years and Covid it is high time.

In fact, it’s such good news that two bars across the street, which aren’t even open yet, have signed on as sponsors thanks to the charismatic pull of Billy Olesiuk of The Craft and other organizers.

One of the two bars is the Gold Bar at 435 Third St. which will be opened and operated by Morgan Genovese as a cocktail / tapas bar.

Genovese, originally from Fredonia, came here to study at Niagara University. She played soccer and softball, got a bachelor’s degree in human resources and a master’s degree in business administration, and decided where better than here, now.

She began to invest in rental properties intended primarily for students. His optimism and commitment are refreshing.

The other bar, located in the old Rust space next to the Donatello pizzeria, is due to open next spring but has yet to go further.

A few doors down from where Genovese will open, Angelo Ashker and Sarah Nasca have opened a version of Ashker’s in Niagara Falls.

On Tuesday, Angelo was at the forefront with a range of fresh juices, herbs, and fruits and vegetables. A take-out cooler is right behind.

After completing the staffing for the day, they left the stock on the ice on the honor system. Scan a QR code and pay from your phone. Ashker said the system has gone very well.

On Saturday my wife Beth and I visited 755 Park Place. The house has six bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 4,640 square feet adjacent to the Butler’s House. It was built in 1910 and has been in one family for its entire existence with beautiful hardwood floors, leaded glass, all manner of architectural details including floor to ceiling cabinetry with glass facades in the kitchen.

He shouts “I want to be a bed and breakfast.” Relatively inexpensive for what it is, where it is. Listed at $ 299,900. If we hadn’t just bought a house it would have been tempting. Noah Munoz is the agent.

At the time of writing this I’m not sure for sure, but if I were clairvoyant I would predict a sale price of $ 365,000.

Spend another $ 245,000 or so on renovations. Do not divide it but rent it out as an entire house or even keep the third floor as a personal residence.

Basic math says $ 1,000 a night, $ 5,000 a week. Allow $ 1,000 per week for cleaning, maintenance, income and property taxes and other expenses. It’s easy to project $ 160,000 in annual income. It’s not hard to imagine that someone could pay off a note on that kind of income in less than 10 years while still living comfortably and rent-free.

If that’s too big an investment, nearby 642 Fourth St. is for sale for $ 319,995. It appears in the photos to be fully updated, four bedrooms, 1.5 baths, and 4,132 square feet.

This historic district is filled with the new optimism of Niagara Falls. Owners who have been here 10 years or less all feel good about the management. People who have been here all their lives remember when things were better and give a jaded response because they believed before and were disappointed.

A final word on the joy of getting to know the Grana family. I wish Ted and Julie a happy retirement.

Joe Genco is the regional editor of the Niagara Gazette and the Lockport Union-Sun & Journal. Contact him at [email protected] or 282-2311, ext. 2250.


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