Farms Music Band Association aims to help migrant workers with their mental health


A group formed by temporary migrant farm workers and locals from Leamington aims to share their Latin heritage with the county.

The Farms Music Band Association was formed in 2019 before the pandemic and hopes to improve the lives of temporary workers through music, live performances and videos.

Diana Sancez of Farms Music Band Association says the organization was created to help migrant workers with their mental health.

“The idea is to get them having a good time instead of turning to things like alcohol because of depression or mental health issues. Music helps them have healthy entertainment,” Sancez said. .

Sancez says the group will appear at more events now that restrictions are easing.

“We participate and find different ways to participate in cultural events with the support of the community by sharing our Latin music and our culture,” she continued. “The goal is for the band and ourselves to share our music and support the community.”

She says many migrant workers are separated from their families.

“It’s a good way for people in the community to learn about the music and the culture. We don’t see it as a business because we all have our own jobs, but it’s a way to support the workers and the community. community.”

Sancez says the majority of the group are temporary migrant farm workers.

You can find more information about Farms Music Band Association and the events they will be attending over the summer. here.


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