Education Ministry bans raunchy music performances in schools


The Ministry of Education and Sports has temporarily banned the hosting of performing artists on the premises of public or private primary and secondary schools until guidelines have been put in place by the ministry.

The ban follows recent cases of indecent dressing by artists, dancing and indecent acts in schools.

Several videos have since circulated on social networks illustrating the indecency that is rampant in schools for children.

The ministry says such duties permitted in schools in the name of extracurricular activities and entertainment are totally unacceptable and offensive.

To remedy the defect, a circular from Dr. Jane Egau Okou, on behalf of the Permanent Secretary, Katy Lamaro, revealed that in a session held on July 18, 2022, the ministry’s senior management meeting decided to provide guidelines on the nature and conduct of extracurricular activities and entertainment permitted in schools.

“In the meantime, therefore, head teachers and principals of primary and secondary schools are warned not to hire or allow any of these ‘entertainers’ to perform in schools. In case of non-compliance, school principals will be held personally responsible and disciplinary action will be taken against them,” she noted.

Adding: “The purpose of this communication is therefore to inform all concerned to prohibit performances of this nature on school grounds. Clear guidelines will soon be officially issued by the Ministry of Education and Sports,”

She noted that if schools need entertainment, they can engage in plays or organize concerts, saying that “the invitation of singers who dance inappropriately, naked in schools under the guise of extracurricular activities should henceforth be prohibited”.

She said extracurricular activities at school normally mean sports and games, debate clubs, among others.

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