Duran Duran’s John Taylor talks about the power of ’80s music videos


John Taylor of Duran Duran recently spoke about the strong influence of music videos from the 1980s. It comes as the band celebrate the release of their 15th studio album.

The new album “Future Past” which arrived last Friday (October 22), is Duran Duran’s first album in six years. It also features contributions from Blur’s Graham Coxon and longtime David Bowie collaborator Mike Garson.

Having already released the single “Invisible”, Duran Duran also teamed up with Japanese rock band CHAI. The single is called “More joy”. Check it out here.

“So much ground to clear” -Taylor

Speaking about the power and influence of ’80s music videos, John Taylor had this to say.

“I mean in the ’80s, you know, there was a lot less going on, you know, demanding our attention,” he said. “Yeah, we were, we had time to watch MTV for an hour,” Taylor began.

He continued, “In the ’80s it was like a music video was like an event and there was so much ground to dig, and people were really excited about the form. It was kind of made up – really from the late ’70s to the mid’ 80s it was like, ‘Wow have you seen that new Michael Jackson !?’ “.

Taylor also added, “Back in the early ’80s, most artists, whether it was the Rolling Stones or Elton John, or Queen, they all figured out how to make cool videos, and there were so many ideas in the bank. Then someone would do a long video and it was like ‘Wow’ ”.

“But now the music is back to being kind of something running in the background, I feel as you scroll through your Instagram feed,” Taylor continued. “No one has the time to engage in music at an audio and visual level. We don’t. The music is on and we’re on our computers or our phones and we’re doing something ”.

“I think the early ’80s spoke to this particular generation and to a certain extent it represented a form of freedom. Because it spoke to this generation and it was liberating for this generation, it was something that the previous generation did not have ”.


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