David Bowie’s 10 Best Music Videos (Ranked by YouTube Views)


Lunar Reverie has been released in cinemas worldwide and features never-before-seen footage of acclaimed rock legend David Bowie, addressing his groundbreaking musical journey with stunning visuals and, of course, a remarkable soundtrack.

The documentary is one of the few films that does justice to Bowie’s iconic style, providing fans with bold imagery and vibrant footage about the artist’s life and career. More importantly, it faithfully surveys the many phases of Bowie’s musical transformations, from the iconic Ziggy Stardust to his sophisticated New Wave tendencies.


Where are we now – 13M

Bowie has always had a tendency to embrace the weird and the unknown, making it a hallmark of his career. The music video for “Where Are We Now” represents these characteristics quite well and is arguably its most experimental music video.

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Feeling like a lyrics video at times, the video uses keywords from the lyrics to capture viewers’ attention as two puppets sit next to each other, one with Bowie’s face and the other with the face of Jacqueline Humphries, an abstract painter whose works of art clearly inspired the aesthetics of the video.

The stars are out tonight – 15M views

Highly artistic and counting on legendary actress Tilda Swinton as a co-lead, the music video for “The Stars Are Out Tonight” is a music video that looks like a movie and showcases Bowie’s great acting talent, which is why he has appeared in several movies and TV shows throughout his career.

The video gets as weird as a music video can get, spiraling into utter madness as couple Bowie and Swinton try to cope with the arrival of strange visitors. It could have been easily directed by David Lynch and the references are clear; bodies moving and dancing in disturbing movements and unconventional cuts used to cause discomfort.

Valentine’s Day – 18M views

Few Bowie performances and videos have shown him in such an honest and intimate state as the clip from the “Valentine’s Day” video. With incredible close-ups of his eyes interspersed with his one candid performance in an abandoned building, the video intends to bring viewers closer to the artist, almost like Bowie is in front of them, singing directly to them.

Considering the lyrics, the song sounds like a heart-to-heart conversation, and the clip captures him at ease while inviting fans to get up close and personal with Bowie’s new style.

Modern Love – 22M views

One of Bowie’s most vibrant songs, “Modern Love” is the kind of track that automatically gets listeners dancing. The Bowie’s song did remarkably well in the film Frances Hafor example, where one scene features the protagonist energetically dancing through the streets to the sound of the song.

The music video captures that urge to dance, showing Bowie and his band in peppy synchrony and energy that could light up an entire city.

Heroes – 27M views

Arguably Bowie’s most popular song, “Heroes” is an absolute classic that continues to resonate with audiences of all ages and has been replicated by several other talented artists, including Coldplay recently.

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Although every rock fan knows the big hit, the clip isn’t one of the most famous, probably due to its low quality and simplicity. Some might even find it uninteresting, but Bowie’s hypnotic performance is brilliant as always and fans can see in his powerful gaze how much he believes in the lyrics he sings.

Let’s dance – 34M views

The opening shot of the “Let’s Dance” music video features a remote bar in the middle of nowhere, where Bowie and a cellist perform their song as a small audience reacts energetically to it. What begins as a typical music video quickly gives way to an honest portrayal of love, family, and hard work.

Different from what the title of the song implies, this tune is actually about holding your head up high and changing your face, which the clip does a great job of delivering and applying to relevant political commentary on Australia’s Aborigines, leading the discussion with gestures of affection. between family-friendly and incredible Australian natural landscapes in contrast to the busy urban environment.

Life on Mars – 39M views

At the height of the most ambitious part of his career, David Bowie brought the iconic Ziggy Stardust to life and tackled otherworldly themes such as life on other planets, the absurdity of life and the fall of humanity, with highly existential lyrics and exuberant looks. designed to be bizarre and to clash with what is considered ordinary, even real.

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The “Life On Mars” music video manages to handle all of these lofty themes in a very simple way: the entire video is Ziggy performing the song, and while one could argue there’s nothing really remarkable about In this regard, the exaggerated makeup practically blends that of Bowie’s face into the white background behind him, causing the many close-ups to distort the “human” body. Ultimately, the video is essentially Ziggy’s confession about the atrocities he saw on Earth and how he wishes to disappear.

Blackstar – 48M views

One of his latest singles, “Blackstar,” won Bowie the Grammy for Best Rock Song and comes with a 10-minute video illustrating the song’s enigmatic lyrics. Strange and dark, the video is an absolute delirium and leaves room for many interpretations, but undoubtedly presents a celebration of grief, either in mourning for a person, a concept, or the passage of an era.

The video recalls the the scariest music videos of the 90s, in a way, each image seems somewhat artificial. The dances, performance, and dark visuals evoke an almost religious ritual, with Bowie at the center of it all as an agent of chaos.

Lazarus – 61M views

‘Lazarus’ caused a real buzz when it was released as David Bowie died just days after the video was uploaded. The video shows Bowie hallucinating as he lies in a hospital bed, releasing another version of himself into the room; a smiling, dancing Bowie who seems to represent the artist’s longing for his younger years.

Regardless of whether the video is an omen of death or not, it can be enjoyed as a breathtaking ode to the happy years of not just Bowie, but anyone’s life. On the other hand, the video depicts a melancholy look at the idyllic dreams of a dying legend in his final moments, beautifully performed by Bowie himselfalso a great actor who has appeared in several movies and TV shows.

Space Oddity – 103M views

Arguably one of Bowie’s most disruptive songs, “Space Oddity” encapsulates everything the artist has built up in his career in terms of originality and absurdity. Otherworldly and delightfully eerie, the music video features Bowie performing the song on his guitar in saturated red light and between fluctuating waveforms and psychedelic visions.

If there’s one thing the video does best, it’s capture the sense of urgency the lyrics evoke, signaling that something is wrong as, almost ironically, Bowie calmly sits down and performs the song.

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