Dance music group Dar supports the fight against coronavirus disease


One of the leaders of the group, Kalala Junior, revealed yesterday in Dar es Salaam that the artists of the group will start rehearsing the song this week and then they will go to a studio to record it.

Kalala said some musicians, including himself, have resorted to composing a song to encourage the community to be vigilant against the disease since it started wreaking havoc in the country.

“Now, Tukuyu Sound Band has decided to compose a song about the disease, as we see it spreading around the world every day, so we will prepare to start rehearsals for the song,” Kalala revealed.

He said he believes they will deliver their message to the community once the song is finished so that every Tanzanian can be cautious instead of complacent at a time when the coronavirus outbreak continues to plague the world.

“Musicians can’t just spread the message about the coronavirus pandemic through weekly performances, but also by recording songs and distributing them to radio stations to be heard,” he said.

He said Health Ministry guidelines urge the community to take action, including avoiding unnecessary traffic jams, wearing masks, using hand sanitizers and washing hands under running water.

“Additionally, the guidelines direct us not to overload transport vehicles for our safety, so we are preparing a song with this important message for the community,” he said.

Kalala, who is also an experienced singer, advised musicians working for various groups to consider the possibility of composing songs to support the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

The singer stressed that such compositions will be the contribution of musicians to the support of the government during the war.

He said that musicians are part of the community and they should not only focus on composing love songs but also come up with songs about various events happening within the community and educate the public. .


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