BTS’s “Yet To Come” Gives A Nod To Past Music Videos: Deep Dive


The kings of K-pop are back! BTS released their album Evidence on June 10, 2022, as well as their music video for “Yet To Come,” which is filled with Easter eggs from past BTS music videos.

Evidence is an anthology of all the boyband’s past work, re-releasing fan-favorite songs, never-before-seen demos and three new songs. The album’s release also falls on almost the same day as their debut 9 years ago, June 13, 2022. That being said, it makes sense that their music video for “Yet To Come” would also appeal to fan-favorite music videos. .

“Yet To Come” begins with the boys sitting on classroom chairs, reminiscent of their 2013 music video for “NOPE” Shortly after, a truck drives through the sandy desert in which the music video takes place, referring to the same truck they drove in for their music video, “To run.” Each member has their own music video reference, whether J Hope in front of the “Spring Day” train, or Jin seated in front of the statue of “Blood sweat tears.” Not to mention that the sandy bottom of the whole music video looks quite similar to that of “Save me.”

“As BTS celebrates the ninth anniversary of their debut and are about to open a new chapter in their 10th year as artists, Evidence was designed to revisit the band’s past activities and ruminate on their significance,” the band’s agency Big Hit Music said in a June statement.

The album consists of three CDs including 48 tracks. Yes, you heard us right, 48 songs! The first CD features 19 tracks of their greatest hits, including “Blood Sweat & Tears”, “Fire”, “DNA”, “Boy With Luv” featuring Halsey, “Spring Day”, “Fake Love”, “Dynamite” and ” Butter.” The second CD consists of sub-units such as “Friends” by V and Jimin and “BTS Cypher: PT. 3: KILLER,” which features the group‘s rappers. And the final disc is dedicated to Army, the group’s dedicated fanbase, and includes demo versions of some of the group’s past hits. band.

Scroll through our gallery to see all of BTS’s “Yet To Come” Easter Eggs.

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