BTS Becomes Biggest Music Group After Butter Makes History on Billboard’s Global Charts


SEOUL: It’s like a foolproof juggernaut advancing in the world of music. The South Korean boy band BTS goes through the stages one after the other.

Recently, they made the Billboard World Chart story as the band’s last English track. Butter became the # 1 biggest hit on the Billboard Global 200 with over 289.2 million plays on streaming platforms.

BTS music group‘s success compounded after more than 249,000 copies of the song Butter were sold during the follow-up week that began on May 21 and ended on May 27. The two numbers mentioned above are a huge record that speaks volumes about the band’s ever-growing popularity.

The massive success of the music group was recognized by Billboard itself, which declared BTS to be the greatest all-time leader on the chart in less than a year.

Also last year, the South Korean septet premiered this record as the previous leader on various music charts. Life goes on immediately reached No. 1 on the Billboard Global 200 after its debut. The Life goes on The track has been played over 152.5 million times on streaming platforms.

Not only that, BTS created the story for others to emulate on other fronts as well. They sold Blue grey with the highest number of sales of more than 87,000 copies purchased in December.

Butter was also at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

BTS’s “Butter” adds a second week to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 song chart, a week after rising to the top, becoming the South Korean superstar group’s fourth leader on the list, ”Billboard said on Monday.

The Butter The track has been played over 19 million times on streaming platforms in the United States with over 140,200 downloads in the week ending June 3.

Recognizing the immense success of Butter, BTS released three different remix versions of the track – “Hotter”, “Sweeter” and “Cooler”.


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