BIGBANG “Still Life” Reigns On Music Charts And Shows, Fans Say “Nation’s Favorite Song”


When it comes to popularity, BIGBANG is one of those K-pop groups that will never go out of style. The contribution of second-generation boy group YG Entertainment will be unmatched and recent national chart stats prove why the boys will always be No. 1. BIGBANG finally ended their four-year hiatus with their comeback song ‘Still Life’ on April 5 which received a lot of love and became an overnight hit.

BIGBANG’s comeback song topped various charts like Bugs, Melon, Flo, Genie, Vibe and more immediately after it was uploaded, and now, more than a fortnight after its release, the song is still at the top of the charts, this which shows why BIGBANG is the peerless boy group of K-pop. Not only in terms of rankings, but it also shocked K-pop fans by earning not one but four music show wins for “Still Life,” despite having no performances for the song.


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BIGBANG Scores Fourth Music Show Win For “Still Life” (YG Entertainment/Naver)

BIGBANG Scores Four Music Show Wins For “Still Life”

BIGBANG fans are elated as it was announced that BIGBANG officially won their fourth music show “Still Life” win on the music show “Music Core” on April 23, although they did not have a single performance for the song. BIGBANG released the song as a digital single and did not aim to promote the song on a music show. Despite this, due to the popularity of the single as well as the dedication of the fans, the song “Still Life” has now won its new victory in the music show despite the lack of performance.

With the new win of “Still Life,” BIGBANG’s total number of music show wins has risen to 97, which is overwhelming for any K-pop boy group. BIGBANG is now the only second-generation K-pop group with the most music show wins in the genre’s history despite being only the third boy group after BTS at number 1 and EXO at number 1. number 2 among all K-pop boy groups. in terms of wins on their music show despite a four-year hiatus.

“Still Life” ranks number 1 on the national charts

On April 23, it was also revealed that BIGBANG’s ‘Still Life’ became the song released in 2022 with the most hours at number 1 on Melon Top 100. ‘Still Life’ has logged 441 hours of being to the number 1 spot on Melon’s Top 100 as the song has now ranked number 1 for four daily song charts in South Korea for more than 10 consecutive days.

“Still Life” has been number 1 on Melon’s daily chart for 19 consecutive days, while it has also been number 1 on Genie’s daily chart for the past 18 days. Not only that, but the song has been ranked number 2 on Vibe for the past 15 days and number 3 on Bugs for 13 consecutive data proving BIGBANG’s power on the national charts despite their absence for so long.

“It made me so emotional”

It shows how BIGBANG are the undefeated kings of K-pop and the fans testify to it. One fan said, “I’m very proud of the VIPs. From what I see, no one posted the #BIGBANG_StillLife MV on Twitter. We may not know how to vote, but we obey and listen well .” One fan said, “It moved me…And we got the message loud and clear.” One fan said, “Nation’s favorite song”.

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