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2021 is coming to an end in a few days, so it’s time to pick up on your favorite music from this year.

For three weeks in November, over a thousand Bandwagon readers took part in our new annual survey, choosing their favorite songs, albums, music videos and virtual concerts that made 2021 what it is. We left it up to you to choose each of these entrees, and you got organized!

We asked, you delivered, and now here are the top 2021 releases, according to Bandwagon readers:

Best songs

It is impossible to ignore the unified power of A’TIN. In one quick swipe, SB19the legion of dedicated fans dominated the Best songs list for 2021, entering each track outside the group Pagsibol PE and their own Felipthe solo offer of ‘Palace’. South Korean rapper BI joins the P-pop group on this list with their singles ‘Illa Illa’ and ‘Cosmos’.

Check out Bandwagon’s Top 10 Readers’ Picks for Best Songs of 2021 (in alphabetical order) below:

  • ‘Bazinga’ – SB19
  • ‘Cosmos’ – BI
  • ‘Ikako’ – SB19
  • ‘Illa Illa’ – BI
  • ‘MANA’ – SB19
  • ‘MAPA’ – SB19
  • ‘Palayo’ – FELIP
  • ‘SLMT’ – SB19
  • ‘The One’ – SB19
  • ‘WHAT’ – SB19

Top Albums

2021 has certainly been a good year for new music, especially full albums.

Ben and ben drew as much star power as possible with their second studio recording Pebble House, Vol. 1: Kuwaderno, invoking people like Parokya Ni Edgar‘s Chito Miranda to ‘Pool’, Moira Dela Torre to ‘Pasalubong’, zild and jean karlos to ‘Lunod’, KZ Tandingan to ‘Sabel’, SB19 on “Kapangyarihan”, and Munimuni to ‘Sugat’.

BI second year offer Cosmos and rising superstar Olivia rodrigo with his revolutionary album Sour are also albums that our readers loved. Of course, the Swifties stayed true to their queen, bringing both Taylor Swiftre-recorded albums from (so far), Intrepid and Red, on this list.

There will always be room for the K-Pop world when it comes to new music to love, and this year Epik High delivered with their tenth studio disc EPIK HIGH IS HERE (Part 1), with ENHYPEN and their first album Dilemma, and CL with his acclaimed solo album ALPHA.

The list ends with Billie Eilishthe last offer nominated for GRAMMY Happier than ever and zild’s second solo effort Huminga.

Check out Bandwagon’s Top 10 Readers’ Picks for Best albums of 2021, displayed in alphabetical order, below:

  • ALPHA – CL
  • Cosmos – BI
  • Dilemma – ENHYPEN
  • EPIK HIGH IS HERE (Part 1) – Epik High
  • Without fear (Taylor version) – Taylor Swift
  • Happier than ever – Billie Eilish
  • Huminga – zil
  • Pebble house – Ben and Ben
  • Red (Taylor version) – Taylor Swift
  • Sour -Olivia Rodrigo

Best Music Videos

Fans love to see their idols at their best, and as A’TIN proclaims, there’s no better 2021 clip than SB19 Billboard Hot Trending Songs Top of the page ‘Bazinga’ and the return of the group with ‘What?’.

‘Cosmos’ and ‘Illa Illa’ by BI, ‘Palayo’ by FELIP, as well as BLACK ROSE member PINK‘s ‘On the ground’ and BTS‘record ‘Butter’ are also one of the favorite visuals of our readers. ALAMAT join the list with their clip to ‘Kasmala’, alongside other P-Pop artists Press Hit Play with ‘TO EARN’ and 1stA with ‘Oh’.

Check out Bandwagon’s Top 10 Readers’ Picks for Best Music Videos of 2021, in alphabetical order, below:

  • ‘Bazinga’ – SB19
  • ‘Butter’ – BTS
  • ‘Cosmos’ – BI
  • ‘Illa Illa’ – BI
  • ‘Kasmala’ – ALAMAT
  • ‘Oh’ – 1stOne
  • ‘On the ground’ – ROSÉ
  • ‘Palayo’ – FELIP
  • ‘What?’ – SB19
  • ‘WIN’ – Press Hit Play

Best concerts

As we all stay safe indoors, the live music industry is trying to find its place in the midst of this ongoing pandemic. For the most part, he’s been successful in delivering online gigs right to our screens and elevating whatever he might do for future shows.

There have been countless virtual concerts broadcast all over the world, but Bandwagon readers have chosen SB19 Back in the area, 131 LIVE PRESENTES: BI FIRST ONLINE CONCERT, and the back-to-back concert of SB19 with 4th impact, Strong: The Pop Orchestra like the best online shows they’ve seen this year.

Check out Bandwagon’s Top 3 Readers’ Picks for Best concerts of 2021 below:

  • SB19 Back in the area
  • Strong: The Pop Orchestra

Bandwagon will unveil its teams’ top picks for 2021 starting December 20.



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