Best music videos of the 2000s: 20 promo clips that defined the 2000s


In the 2000s, the impact of new technologies on music was more palpable than ever. The rise of social media, the growing power of the internet, and the adoption of iPods and smartphones meant there were more ways than ever for fans to connect with their favorite musicians. In this changing landscape, MTV continued to set the agenda for most of the decade, and music videos were still hard currency, with many artists trying to outdo each other with their flashy visuals and big-budget productions. From the hip-hop eccentricities of Missy Elliott to the avant-garde directing of the savior of pop Lady Gaga, the best music videos of the 2000s have become bigger, bolder and more visually striking than at any time. former. So here’s our countdown of the best music videos the 2000s had to offer.

Listen to our Pop playlist hereand check out our best music videos from the 2000s below.

20: The Darkness: I Believe in a Thing Called Love (2003)

For their UK No. 2 hit I Believe In A Thing Called Love, hard rock band The Darkness released a full B-movie with director Alex Smith, creating a video in which the band fire laser beams from their guitars while riding in a flying saucer and waging war on a giant squid. With frontman Justin Hawkins citing special effects from the cult film Big problem in little China as a source of inspiration, the overabundance of wacky Dr WhoStyling accessories were designed by Jim Friedlander, for whom this sort of thing was in his blood. “He was the son of the guy who made the Daleks, and he came and made our spaceship and the beasts that you see in there,” Hawkins said. “It was all real – we didn’t do anything CGI. We did old-school British sci-fi stuff.

Director: Alex Smith


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