Atom forms 100% feline music group Atome Kittens to launch shoppertainment campaign


The Buy Now, Pay Later brand Atom has formed a new music group named Atom Kittens as part of their latest shoppertainment campaign. The catch is, Atom Kittens isn’t just any other girl group, but rather includes a litter of kittens. Formed by the pun on famous’ 90s British girl group Atomic Kittens, Atom Kittens features Zesty Kitty, Savvy Kitty and Sassy Kitty. Along with the group‘s debut, a new single titled “Let’s Get It, Get It” aims to generate hype for Atom Get It Week which runs June 11-20 in Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong. The Singapore campaign will start from June 25. To amplify the song, Atom is also running a TikTok challenge to encourage consumers to dance to the beat of their pets.

Atom Vice President of Marketing Vangie Hu said INTERACTIVE-MARKETING that buyers now expect the usual line items: a standard jingle accompanied by a dance, a famous face or celebrity, all to promote sales on a single day almost every calendar month . The company wanted to reverse this standard formula, including real kittens, a video clip and a sales week combining shopping and entertainment. Aside from the obvious appeal to shopping, Hu added that the title of the single “Let’s Get It, Get It” is also Gen Z and Millennial speaks for “Let’s get it” and its playful and ironic twist on it. that has proven itself. campaigns.

At the same time, Atom is also hosting a live talk show and showcasing an AR filter game on Instagram. Entitled “The Not So Late Night Show with Atom Kittens,” the live talk show features Sassy Kitty and TikTokers in every market, featuring jokes, makeup tutorials, and fashion items. Zesty Kitty, on the other hand, is featured in the “Get It To Win” AR filter game on Instagram. Viewers can also expect to see OOH ads, #AtomeKittens giphy and chat app stickers as well as other social media activations with over 600 KOL.

Atom also shared a 30-second post on LinkedIn to showcase its deals with brands such as Sephora, Zara Pandora, Zalora, Osim and Aldo, among others. The company’s internal team led the production and execution of the campaign which was conceptualized by VaynerMedia Asia Pacific. Meanwhile, the MV and the live talk show were produced by production studio Little Red Ants. Due to recent COVID-19 measures, the campaign will not start in Singapore until the last week of June. It will work in other markets for a month, however, Atom said.

According to its website, Atom allows consumers’ payment bills to be split into three equal payments allowing consumers to pay the first payment at the time of purchase while the next two payments will be staggered 30 days apart without interest or interest. hidden costs. Other brands known to provide a similar service include Australian fintech company Afterpay and Swedish fintech company Klarna.

In addition, in May this year, Atom entered into a regional partnership with ZALORA to introduce flexible payment options on the mobile app and the e-commerce brand’s website. With this option, buyers can split their purchases into three interest-free payments during the checkout process on ZALORA’s mobile app. The checkout for its website is expected to launch in late May.

In addition, a multi-channel commerce platform Boutir also recently unveiled its partnership with Atom in March of this year, by launching the latter’s payment option on its platform. The payment option would provide merchants with a secure, simple yet flexible option for making refunds. Added to the list of partnerships is Atom’s partnership with global software company Ranosys, which announced on LinkedIn its intention to provide its digital commerce solutions with a convenient, interest-free payment mechanism. It’s about enabling customers to organize the best possible online shopping experience for their customers.

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