Apple Music Displays Explicit Lyrics For Despicable Me 2’s Minions Song “I Swear”


Video-sharing platform TikTok has inundated with users sharing screen recordings of Apple Music and Spotify, showing how earlier today the platforms showed explicit lyrics for the song I Swear from the animated children’s film Despicable Me 2, which was sung in “Minion-speak” in the film, a totally made-up language that bears no resemblance to the lyrics playing on streaming services today.

Listeners were quick to point out that in the first set of lyrics on both platforms, the services changed the fictional lyrics with the lines “Who foresees a child, legitimate?” followed by “Pop that pu**y like I need”, which differs greatly from the made-up language used in the film.

Apple now appears to have removed the lyrics from view, with Spotify still showing the content to users who search for the song on the platform.

Apple offers time-synced lyrics in Apple Music, showing listeners live lyrics while a song is playing. It’s unclear exactly how or why the explicit lyrics suddenly appeared on both services, either with a machine learning error or someone with access to the official Minions soundtrack on streaming services deliberately putting up to date. updated the lyrics for some unknown reason.

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