Apple Book Club, ‘Strombo’s Lit’ from Canadian host Apple Music Hits brings a fine selection of titles to read


Apple Books is launching a new book club called “Strombo’s Lit”. It will bring a unique selection of literary titles that people can read whenever they feel like picking up the habit. The list was curated by George “Strombo” Stroumboulopolous, Canada’s famed Apple Music Hits host, bringing some of his top picks to the play selections.

Apple Books: launch of the “Strombo’s Lit” book club on the platform

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“Strombo’s Lit” plays both in the Apple Music app as a podcast and in the Apple Books app as a curated list that features a book club on the platform for people to hang out with. join. The book club is not limited or exclusive to its members but would require an Apple Music subscription to access the podcast and hear about the titles discussion.

The “Strombo’s Lit” in the Apple Books app would connect users to different titles each week and help people discover books to read and rediscover. It includes literary works from Maya Angelou to Gore Vidal, which Strombo has shared an interview with before.

the book club debut feature is author Neal Stephenson, focusing on the author’s work titled “Termination Shock”. Strombo would also bring an interview with the author to the podcast.

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Apple Book Club: titles are a fine selection of Strombo

The book club has a series of beautiful selections from Strombo, hence “Strombo’s Lit,” meaning both the Gen Z term of “Lit” meaning hot, and “lit” short for the word “literature.” Strombo has had experience in Canada during his stint as a talk show host to interview numerous authors over the course of his career, and the selection he has gathered for this book club is massive.

Apple’s adventures in technology and lifestyle content

Apple has many businesses in the area of ​​technology and lifestyle content, including Apple Music curated playlists, playlists, and offerings on the platform. There’s a lot of content for Apple Music, like playlists from its editors and staff, focusing on the many influential tracks available on the forum for users to listen to.

It is also famous for its shows on the Apple TV+ streaming platform which is similar to Netflix and other online databases for movies and series.

The company also ventured for Apple TV+ to have the NFL Sunday Ticket last year, to which it acquired and secured the rights to broadcast games that took it to DirecTV.

Apple’s next move is the Books app, which is the company’s version of an online book and PDF reader native to the iOS, iPadOS, and macOS platforms. People’s return to books, in the form of physical and electronic books, shows that the printed literature industry is not yet dead and remains an essential aspect of society.

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