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With a big music industry like Japan’s, the world’s second largest, it’s inevitable that music fans will be inundated with a wealth of good (and not so good) music from this country. It is impossible to keep track of this and write a review about it by video. But to avoid missing any gems, it’s time to compile a weekly list of new music videos from lesser-known Japanese musical acts that are definitely worth watching.

We are now looking back at some videos that were released during week 7 of the year 2022. Enjoy the new discoveries!

Night – Parade

After releasing two mini-albums and joining the compilation album Total reviews 2020, it’s finally time to look forward to noise pop band Nuit’s debut album. The title is undecided at the time of writing, but what is known is that the release month will be September. Formed in 2015 by vocalist and lyricist Yasuyuki Ota, the Tokyo-based trio focus on combining smooth, bright vocals with a loud shoegaze. — Recommended by Francisca

サブマリンオルカ号 (Orca-go Submarine) – わがままエスケープ (Wagamama Escape)

“Welcome aboard!” Pop trio Submarine Orca-go have just released their first EP, titled Wagamama Escape, after releasing a mini-album in 2020 and a song on independent music distribution site Eggs in December. This song quickly climbed the song charts and was also used in a TV commercial. In March, they will have their first one-man show at the place where the group formed, the Rock Country Concert Hall in Iwakuni. — Recommended by Francisca

ザ・マルチーズ (Maltese) – ミルクティー (Milk tea)

As a preview of their upcoming album, which will be released later this year and featuring PLECTRUM’s Taisuke Takata as guitarist, Tokyo-based pop group The Maltese released two versions of the song simultaneously. Milk teain Japanese and English. The four-piece guitar pop band has been active since 2014 and revolves around vocalist Asako, who was previously active in the band DOG HAIR DRESSERS – who are considered a pioneer of Japanese alternative pop guitar bands. — Recommended by Francisca

ピウムジカ (Più musica) – C

The first mini-album by progressive piano trio Più musica, titled ダイヤモンド (diamond), just released what is directly also their first release. Più musica – meaning “more music” in Italian – formed in the summer of 2021, making the band still brand new. In the clip of VS, former professional baseball player GG Sato is seen with Yuji of the rock band THIS DAY. — Recommended by Francisca


The Osaka-based rock band Hue’s formed in 2016 and will release their debut album in March, titled Hz-adopt, having released several singles, an EP and a mini-album. The album had a total production period of two years, as some songs received a re-release and most likely also due to the pandemic which made it difficult for many to continue their activities. The quartet’s music is strongly influenced by the alternative (Western) scene and consists of tunes filled with melancholy and warmth. — Recommended by Francisca

re:lapse – timeless melody

re:lapse formed in 2019, consisting of band members who met on the dream pop and shoegaze scene. All have been or are still active in other groups, which makes this collaboration solid and fruitful. Six months after their debut EP, the second EP is on the way, slated for release in March. According to the band, the biggest features are the pale, fleeting male and female vocals and melodies, and the shoegaze guitar that floats comfortably while being borderline distorted. — Recommended by Francisca

キズ (KIZU) – ミルク (Milk)

KIZU’s activities kicked off in 2017, as the visual rock band immediately caught the eye with their mysterious promotion montage. Moreover, the band members were well-known musicians in the scene and their visuals can be said to be intriguing combined with a dark and catchy sound. While their latest single was released in December, Milk is a new song from KIZU’s best-of album released in April last year. A short clip was shared as part of the promotion for this album at the time, but the clip for this song was eventually released in its entirety. — Recommended by Francisca

Next week, we’ll be back with a fresh slate of new clips to check out. But you can also check out previous editions of this weekly feature series to find out when you’re yearning for more musical gems! Want to learn more about starting this project or check out YouTube playlists? Click here for all the information.


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