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With a big music industry like Japan’s, the world’s second largest, it’s inevitable that music fans will be inundated with a wealth of good (and not so good) music from this country. It is impossible to keep track of this and write a review about it by video. But to avoid missing any gems, it’s time to compile a weekly list of new music videos from lesser-known Japanese musical acts that are definitely worth watching.

We are now looking back at some videos that were released during week 6 of the year 2022. Enjoy the new discoveries!

汐れいら (Reira Ushio) – さよならCITY (SayonaraCITY)

Reira Ushio is a Tokyo-based singer-songwriter who discovered the joy of creating original music at the age of 16. His songs are a mixture of sadness, melancholy and power backed by compelling melodies. The description that the musician gave to this song is, which is also her first digital single: goodbye city, if you stay like this I will hate you. On the same day she released this music video, she released an animated lyric video for the song ビーボーイ (be boy), which is the title of her second single. — Recommended by Francisca

Pale Memory Room – sui-sen

The name pale memory Room may be new, but the band itself is not. Previously active as a miraispeaker for several years, the four-piece Atsugi-based band have released several singles and an EP, but with the song sui-sen, the four band members reintroduced themselves under the new band name. This electronic pop band also owns a homeware brand called Pale Memory Apartment. — Recommended by Francisca

HEBI KATANA – Pain Should I Take

Formed in the winter of 2020 and known as Tokyo Samurai Doom, while fairly new to the scene, this doom band already has quite the name and not just in Japan. HEBI KATANA’s first album was released in Japan, but also outside Japan on various labels, such as Italy, Argentina and Poland. Now, just six months later, the second album is ready to be shared, produced by Eternal Elysium’s Yukito Okazaki. — Recommended by Francisca

Dimrays – Fr

From the ashes of RGDY, the band Dimrays formed in the summer of 2021. Shortly after, the foursome released their first digital single, Pain≒twhich was followed by their debut EP, titled ANTITHESIS, in September of the same year. While the Osaka-based band presents itself as a loud rock band, they like to add various other genres and aspects to the mix to make it a unique overall experience. — Recommended by Francisca

アンジーモーテル (Angeemotel) – レイラ (Layla)

This band from Kanazawa has been active for a few years and plays (punk) rock songs full of passion. After releasing a demo in 2020, it was time to take the next step with their first digital single in summer 2021, youth. Recently, the rock band became a four-piece lineup after backing drummer Yuusaku became an official band member. Now he is (impatiently) waiting for what will be the next step for this young group. — Recommended by Francisca

バウンダリー (Border) – 暗闇 (Kurayami)

This clip ties into the digital single of the same name released by the Osaka-based rock band in December. The trio started its activities almost 10 years ago, in May 2013, when the members were still in high school. So far, they have released several mini albums, EPs and (digital) singles. Is a complete album in preparation? We will have to wait patiently. — Recommended by Francisca


It’s been a while since the Tokyo-based multinational metalcore band released something new, after sharing a few hints, the foursome have come up with a new single and music video. The band formed in 2020 after the current members met and bonded over their shared passion for metal music. The band members all come from different countries and backgrounds, vocalist Rid is from Italy, guitarist Nishiva from Japan, drummer Robin and bassist Zack are from France. — Recommended by Francisca

Next week, we’ll be back with a fresh slate of new clips to check out. But you can also check out previous editions of this weekly feature series to find out when you’re yearning for more musical gems! Want to learn more about starting this project or check out YouTube playlists? Click here for all the information.


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