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With a big music industry like Japan’s, the world’s second largest, it’s inevitable that music fans will be inundated with a wealth of good (and not so good) music from this country. It is impossible to keep track of this and write a review about it by video. But to make sure you don’t run out of gems, it’s time to compile a weekly list of new music videos from lesser-known Japanese musical acts that are definitely worth watching.

We are now looking back at some videos that were released during week 5 of the year 2022. Enjoy the new discoveries!

my beautiful sleep – Mayday

Osaka-based alternative rock band My Beautiful Sleep formed in the spring of 2018 when the three friends, two friends from high school and one friend from college, got together. The band seems to be centered around vocalist and guitarist Masaharu Sato. The band has roots in pop, post-rock and guitar rock. The discography of my beautiful sleep consists of several (digital) singles, a mini-album and an EP. Hopefully there will soon be a full-fledged album from this trio. — Recommended by Francisca

Mez-zo-forute – マイノリティ (Minority)

On February 9, Nagoya-based guitarist rock band Mez-zo-forute will release their second EP, titled 蛍雪 (kaisetsu). The rock band has come a long way. The quartet has been around since the spring of 2015, originally as a cover band, but eventually began writing original songs and releasing a handful of singles. After several line-up changes and even a break, the group won RO JACK for COUNTDOWN JAPAN 19/20 and launched a crowdfunding campaign for their first mini-album, 黎明 (Reimei). — Recommended by Francisca


Singer-songwriter and songwriter Meilin recently decided to embark on a solo project to create music that she says will melt your bones. It became DOGULA MAGULA Fanfare. Lost can be found on the very first single from DOGULA MAGULA Fanfare (please note that the name on subscription services has a typo). The musician is also active in the four-piece emotional alternative band Eelift. — Recommended by Francisca

せりかな (Serikana) – ねえ未来人 (Née Mirai Hito)

Serikana is a singer-songwriter from Fukui, is currently based in Tokyo, and is in possession of a guitar with the Earth painted on it. She has performed at many festivals and events and her songs have been used many times in commercials and television programs. The theme of the song seems to be related to the current daily life, the pandemic, how life goes by staying at home and worrying about loved ones and the future. We find it on the next album, incomparable. — Recommended by Francisca

深刻なエラー (Shinkoku Na Error) – 水葬 (Suisou)

I am is the second song by Tokyo-based shoegaze rock band Shinkoku Na Error. The group’s goal is to express the vision of life and death while challenging each other when it comes to music that combines various musical genres while pursuing a melancholic and dark sound. They have been active since 2020 and have only released two singles, but it looks like they are working hard to produce more music in the near future. — Recommended by Francisca

長嶋水徳 – serval DOG – (Minori Nagashima) – コーク (Kouku)

While active in the downer pop group MINOR THIRD, bandleader Minori Nagashima is also active with a solo project. This project started in October 2019, six months after the band’s creation, when the singer and guitarist decided to upload personal recordings to Soundcloud and eventually also released music videos and released several singles. It is recommended to listen to this song with the sound at full volume. — Recommended by Francisca

Abstain – Read on

The beginning of the formation of four musicians Forbear dates back to 2017, when members of the group like Joseph eats a snail, SADSUMMER, blue friend and Asthenia came together. They worked on songs with sounds reminiscent of shoegaze and undercover grunge and released their debut album on cassette tape in 2019. It sold out almost immediately so there was clearly a need for more of this band. In January 2020 the band released an album and finally this week an EP was released from the alternative rock band via Like A Fool Records. — Recommended by Francisca

Next week, we’ll be back with a fresh slate of new clips to check out. But you can also check out previous editions of this weekly feature series to find out when you’re yearning for more musical gems! Want to learn more about starting this project or check out YouTube playlists? Click here for all the information.


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