5 sightings of supernatural entities in music videos that will leave you scared



We commonly hear stories of people encountering ghosts and supernatural beings in real life. Especially in our local culture, spirits or supernatural entities such as “Pontianak” and “Pocong” have long become a source of terror for children and adults in our communities, as superstitions form the fabric of our daily life.

Ghost sightings can be considered as rare as the subtle being cannot be seen with the naked eye. However, once it does make its appearance, it will surely leave us scared to the core. Here we have compiled several sightings of ghosts in the entertainment scene, especially in music videos:

1. “Malaysian Boy” (2011)

  • “Malaysian Boy” is a unique rap song produced in 2011 and it contains lyrics in Malay, Chinese and English. The song has a positive meaning as it intends to highlight Malaysian solidarity and unity in the clip.
  • The song once became controversial when netizens noticed an unknown entity appearing in the song’s music video. Internet users caught a glimpse of the mysterious entity at 0:40 seconds from the video.
  • The Pontianak type entity appears at the end of the frame and only shows half of the appearance before the scene changes.
  • The sighting of the ghost has prompted questions among internet users and so far the truth behind the appearance of the “Pontianak” remains a mystery as people are still wondering if the sighting is real.

2. “Takkan Kembali” by Hashmita Selvam (2019)

  • “Takkan Kembali” is produced by composer Rumhadi Rumnan and sung by rising singer Hashmita Selvam. The folk genre song caught the listeners and caught the attention of local music fans due to the uniqueness of the lyrics.
  • According to a report from Harian Metro, Rumhadi Rumnan revealed that during the filming process, a crew was admitted to hospital a day after their filming at Shah Alam Islamic cemetery. Another mystical incident happened when another member of their team passed out while the video was being edited.
  • The strangeness of the song is due to the mysterious whispered voice that was heard during the 2:10 to 2:12 minute minute in the clip. Many netizens commented on YouTube that they had heard the “whispers” and that the matter had not been denied by Rumhadi or the production team.

3. “Monalisa” Ryan Deedat (2020)

  • The pop song was produced in 2020 by acclaimed songwriter and producer, Omar K. The song is performed by Ryan Deedat, who was a former lead singer for the RVL band before making his debut as a solo artist in 2017.
  • For the same reason, this song also caught the public’s attention because, in addition to its melodic tune, netizens also spotted a mysterious sighting of an entity considered to be a “Pocong” in the clip.
  • The mysterious sighting can be seen in the video clip’s end scene at 3:21 where it shows the appearance of an entity dressed in white.
  • Ryan, who was aware of the case after it was first mentioned by netizens, admitted that there had been some strange incidents that occurred during the filming process. He didn’t expect the entity to appear in his music video, however.

4. “OST Pengabdi Setan” – Cover by Naim Daniel (2017)

  • Naim Daniel was doing a cover of the popular Indonesian horror film “Pengabdi Setan” when fans discovered that a mysterious entity was walking behind Naim as he sang the OST.
  • Naim, who became aware of the case, said it was not a gimmick as he admitted the entity’s presence in his video. The incident that happened in his rented house shocked Naim so much that he decided to organize a Yassin reading (reading of Quranic verses) to dampen the frightening vibrations in the house.


5. “Growl” EXO (2013)

Source: Koreaboo
  • “Growl” (??) is a song recorded by South Korean boy band EXO in 2013. The song is famous for being a breakthrough single from EXO, with over 2 million downloads in South Korea alone.
  • The song was also famous for the well-known sighting of an inexplicable “staff” member in the clip. EXO fans have pointed out the mysterious figure in the back room of the supposed lighting room in EXO “Growl” MV.
  • We heard from EXO oppas that he was a staff member. Some fans even believe it to be a ghost. But the point is, no one knows who this “staff” member is,“said one of the EXO-Ls in her tumblr post. She also pointed out that the silhouette of the” staff “changes throughout the MV and the silhouette looks rather unhuman.

Sources: OH! Media, Koreaboo, Harian Metro



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