10 Music Videos Featuring Professional Wrestlers


There is a long tradition of wrestlers appearing in numerous music videos, proving the massive presence across the pop culture spectrum of these artists and the professional wrestling industry as a whole. As big names in promotions like WWEWCW and NJPW, several in-ring talents have appeared in artist music videos as they have been supported to bring some value to these endeavors.

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Interestingly, these wrestlers don’t always play themselves in these videos because there’s so much room for creativity. While some artists have appeared in these clips because they’re pretty big stars in their own right, others have made cameos based on the connections they have with those in the right places.

ten ultimate warrior

Who knew Phil Collins would decide to feature The Ultimate Warrior in one of his music videos? The former WWE Champion was in all his gear, dancing to the music for a while before getting violent.

This video clip for two hearts was a weird embodiment of the 80s, as was the use of a wrestler. This helped Warrior’s company, WWE, who considered him a mainstream star at this point, so such an opportunity was welcome, although nothing came of it afterwards.

9 Finn Balor

Finn Balor is one of the most recognizable and popular wrestlers of the past decade, with crowds from America to Japan to the UK cheering for him no matter where he is on a card. His appearance in the music video for the popular song by Miles Kane, Cry on my guitarwas pretty straightforward as Balor was more or less performing wrestling moves.

Kane was able to translate his love for professional wrestling with the song and the name of his album, coup de grace, an obvious ode to Finn’s knockout blow. Balor, meanwhile, has added commendable acting credit to his portfolio.


8 Lou Albano

Another product of the professional wrestling boom of the 1980s, Lou Albano, the larger-than-life personality, appeared in one way or another in three of Cyndi Lauper’s music videos. It helped that the singer made a few friends in the industry through her ties to the company.

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The wrestling legend can be seen in the hit songs hour after hour and Girls just wanna have fun. Lauper’s third music video, she bopsaw Albano appear alongside fellow wrestler Wendi Richter.

seven chyna

One of the biggest stars of the Attitude Era and women’s wrestling, Chyna deserves so much more for her role in the women’s revolution. One of his early hits appeared in Sevendust’s music video. Enemy.

Chyna arguably trailing Steve Austin and The Rock in terms of popularity among WWE wrestlers in the late 90s assured her of such outside opportunities. This was a big win for women in the business, as they were hardly seen playing their main role, the struggle, let alone being seen in such cross-cultural activities.

6 Alexa Bliss

One of the newest entries on this list is Alexa Bliss, who has her fans to thank for the honor. Bowling for Soup wrote a song, Alexa Blissbecause they wanted to shout at him and made him appear in it.

There’s no doubt that Bliss is one of WWE’s most popular women, so her fan base is understandably varied. The video saw some of her fans bring their Alexa figurine to life and go on adventures with her.

5 Shinsuke Nakamura / Kazuchika Okada

Two of New Japan’s biggest stars made guest appearances in Pharell William’s hugely popular song, Happy. Shinsuke Nakamura and Kazuchika Okada made cameos in the Japanese version of the video.

The former was the reigning IWGP Intercontinental Champion at the time, while The Rainmaker was the IWGP Heavyweight Champion. The two seemed to have a lot of fun being themselves and performing their signature poses and moves.

4 The rock

One of the most famous examples of a professional wrestler appearing in a music video considering where he is now is The Rock’s cameo in It does not matter. The very successful Wyclef Jean was approached to help with the lyrics.

There was almost no difference in Rock’s character in the clip, as he dressed and acted the same as on Raw. MTV would even place this song on TV knowing they could leverage The Great One’s star power to attract new viewers.

3 Raven

The lead singer of The Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan, has been a lifelong professional wrestling fan, so he made sure to incorporate that into his profession. It meant the Owata music video saw a few wrestlers make appearances.

Shelly Martinez and cheerleader Melissa were seen engaging in a wrestling match, but it was Raven’s cameo that stood out. He appeared through his friendship with Corgan; Interestingly, the ECW icon was a manager in the video, not a wrestler.

2 Goldberg

Goldberg’s rise on the WCW ladder made him a massive star, which gave him more opportunities in movies and music. Therefore, Megadeth, the heavy metal band, featured him in their song, Crush themas it was told in Bill’s movie, Universal Soldier: The Returnalso with Jean-Claude Van Damme.

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Since WCW had paid the license fee to use the track as Goldberg’s entrance theme, it only made sense for him to appear in the music video. It was a win for the wrestler because he could star in a video of a band he liked.

1 A.J. Styles

Last but not least, a phenomenal entrance. When AJ Styles was in TNA, country singer Sarah Darling asked him to appear in the video for her song, Something to do with your handsbecause she had a role in mind for him.

The handyman character that Styles played would come and fix things in Sarah’s house, and she would develop a crush on him. Since he needed someone athletic, AJ had this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and he grabbed her (and Sarah) with both hands.


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